Should you really be going on holiday with bae?

Don’t just go for the new profile pic

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It’s the summer of love, and for once you’re all coupled up.

Things are going so well: you’ve met each others’ parents, you have finally nailed your cute pet names, and now all that is left to do is go on a romantic break together, to seal the deal and clog everyone’s newsfeed with smug, couple photos. But will this holiday make or break you?

Make sure you’re in the right place to go away together

Going on holiday with your boyfriend can be awesome, but it can also go horribly wrong. You’ve got to be sure you actually want to go away with your boyfriend, and aren’t just using him as an excuse for a holiday. Travelling can be very stressful, and if one of you is forgetful, it might be a recipe for disaster.


To have and to hold

Relationship expert Sue Saker said: “A holiday means you are thrown together, literally for 24/7, with an expectation all will be rosy, and yet it can simply highlight the problems and bring them to the surface. Many couples every year come back a bit deflated, or worse feeling rubbish, as the holiday may have highlighted how distant they have become from their partner, what separate lives they lead, power struggles, a lack of understanding of one another or how they just don’t seem to get on.”

Agree on a budget

How are you going to pay for the holiday? Are you splitting it 50/50? It’s important to remember although you might buy cheap flights, most popular tourist spots will be expensive, so factor that in when deciding on your budget. Several websites can advise you on a weekly budget, and as a couple you’ll get better rates on Euros if you team up and buy them together.

Sue maintains the most important part of a relationship is communication. She added: “Work together on a plan to allow for everyone’s needs. Whether that be keeping to a low budget, or eating out every night.”


Do you both want a fancy holiday, or just something cheap?

Make an effort

The likelihood is you won’t be slapping on the make-up every day, so making an effort the rest of the time is important. And that doesn’t mean having strong brow game and a nice bikini on: it means taking turns to buy dinner, organising a surprise for your beau, or even bringing your fave Victoria’s Secret bra out for a special night in. Most importantly, make sure to take time away from your phone and spend some quality time together to reconnect.


‘I’ve got no knickers on’

Compromise on location and accommodation

You both need to be happy about where you’re going. Do you both want a romantic week in Venice, or does one of you want the party scene in Ibiza? Wherever you go, make sure there are things for the both of you. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of arguments on holiday, and you’ll both enjoy yourselves.

Though you might be saving money, a cheap room in a hostel might not be ideal for your romantic get away. So when you’re booking accommodation try and reach a happy medium.


Luv u bby

Sue recommends: “Sit down and both talk honestly about what your hopes are for the holiday, what you each need to fully enjoy it and you are far more likely to find a common path which suits you both. If one wants a very active holiday and one wants a relaxing, lying on a sunbed holiday, then you will need to find a compromise – part active and part chilling.”

Enjoy spending all your time together

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Learn about the city and the language together, and if neither of you have been to your destination before, get a guidebook with a map of the city. Be organised and decide the things you want to do on holiday before you go away. This means the both of you have input, and you can both do what you want.

When advising couples how to enjoy their time together, Sue advised setting joint expectations before you go away. She said: “Do not assume you are both dreaming the same things, and your partner knows what you need or want from the holiday.”

What to do if you argue

If this is the first time you’ve gone on holiday together, this might be the moment you discover her relentless lie ins are the bane of your life, or he needs more time alone than you. Try to avoid arguing by picking your battles, and letting the little things go.


Are her selfies driving you up the wall?

If you do argue, be mature and talk it out as soon as you can. Take time out of what you planned to do that day and spend some time chilling out together. Maybe go for a spontaneous lunch and smooth everything out before you go back to any more potential stressful situations.