Budding entrepreneurs launch new music night

It’s the new Snobs

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Bored of the same Broad Street night out? Well these 10 friends are, which is why they’ve kick started their own club night. 

A group of music mad students have launched Re:cord, set to be Birmingham’s biggest mid-week night out.

Come October, which is when it’s expected to officially launch, the event will celebrate music, instead of being a “classic student night”.

The team opened with Amusement 13’s Gay Pride Takeover, featuring new up and coming DJs like Nikki Gardner, James Garrington, Alex Wynne Hughes, and Jake Bridge representing Re:cord across two sets.

Re:cord DJ's Nikki Gardner and James Ladington

Re:cord DJs Nikki Gardner and James Ladington

Nikki Gardner one of the Re:cord DJ’s

Nikki Gardner one of the Re:cord DJs

After their launch, Re:cord will be a mid-week event expecting to land in October, fully ran by students from the University of Birmingham.

The Re:cord promo team is massive, consisting of 10 key members: Alex Wyne Hughes, Max Evans, James Garrington, Nikki Gardner Jake bridge, Joe Hodges, Dan Lewis, Tom Storey, Sam Collins and Declan Maloney.

Team member Nikki told The Tab: “We can spread the costs to keep ticket prices low, because the events come straight from the team’s own pockets.

“It’ll be cheap midweek night for students, centered around the music and atmosphere.”

Bonobo at Leftfoot & Shadow City Presents Bonobo + Leon Vynehall. Photo courtesy of Evie Williams Photography.

Bonobo at Leftfoot & Shadow City Presents Bonobo + Leon Vynehall. Photo courtesy of Evie Williams Photography

Second year Law student, Alex Wynne Hughes, added: “Each party we hope to host will be centred around a different genre of music.

“At the moment there seems to be a distinct difference between a classic student night, and a music night.

“We want to blur that distinction, and host a party which could incorporate both of those things.

“We want to be as widely accessible as possible, and this collective helps us get opinions from differing social groups.

“It also helps us to hopefully attract a wider audience from a marketing perspective.”

This weekend the crew were supported by Bastian from the Birmingham Label Shadow City, whose set list includes the likes of Bonobo and Mount Kimbie.



When asked where the idea for Re:cord came from Max Evans, a second year Political Science student said: “A few of us decided it would be nice to start a night showcasing different genres of music we all liked, and were posting on the group.”

The group Max is talking about is Tuna Crew, a Facebook group for music enthusiasts set up by James Garrington, a second year English student, and second year Chemistry student Ian Synott.

Over the past year, Tuna Crew has expanded to nearly 150 members, whose passion and business savvy has combined to establishing a pioneering night for music lovers.

Second year English student Juliette Mann attended Re:cord’s weekend set and told The Tab: “I really enjoyed the set on Sunday from Nikki and James, and also Alex and Jake.

“The night showed a lot of potential. The seeds of bass have been sewn.”