Who is your Birmingham BNOC 2015? The Final

Fight fight fight

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They’ve battled to get to this stage, and after a staggering number of votes, here are your finalists competing for the title of Birmingham’s BNOC 2015.

Who will win? Let the final round commence.

Remy Claustres, second year, Ancient History

Already a legend

Remy’s BNOC nomination is not the first time he’s been in the campus limelight, as he won the much sought out title of Sports Officer this year.  He also knows how to have fun and really make the most of uni life – he hasn’t missed a single sports night in two years at uni. Legend.

Remy was secretly thrilled at the nomination: “I have always dreamed of being put forward. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be known for what I should be. I am university… I make other people’s stories. I haven’t been noticed around campus any more than normal, I’m still signing autographs for my fans – would be what I would say if it wasn’t just the case I have the worst friends ever, who think they are hilarious for nominating me.

“I once had a beer at university, that was fun. And I got noticed the other day because it took me about 10 minutes to parallel park into a space which could fit the new sports hall in. Please dont vote for me, you’ll only be helping my so called friends.”

Luke Terry, third year, English

Luke has already won popularity in his third year at Birmingham, as the voting saw him soaring into the final heat. We don’t need to list Luke’s incredible feats of journalism (including potentially offending everyone) or how he sticks to his “try anything once” attitude, as we’re sure you already know.

He told The Tab: “I’m surprised I made it though the first round. I’m a campus C-list celeb who occasionally offends enough people to fall into the A list. Cheers for the support, but there must be a better candidate.”

Morgan Rees, second year, Computer Science

So edgy

Morgan entered the BNOC race with his big impressions in Birmingham’s DJ scene – he is pretty much an essential for any successful house party in Selly Oak. Whatever your opinion of the man, his skills continue to gain notoriety and strong appearance at Troupe and Rainbow are mere proof of this.

Morgan has found his BNOC status to have risen already, as he said: “I don’t think I’m that popular really, but it’s actually nice how much feedback I’ve got from it. Last Friday I had a bunch of people saying they had seen me on there and voted for me. Shoutout to Alex Harris and Cameron Johnson for believing in me and nominating me.”

Christina Feng, first year, Law

She’s Fengalicious

Christina “the famous” Feng has stormed the BNOC competition. Being a BNOC was in her destiny, as Christina was heading for the status before she was even AT uni, adding pretty much the entire Law School on Facebook. One viral rap video and numerous Facebook Feng selfies later, here she is ready for the final round.

Christina was thrilled with her nomination, as she told The Tab: “Thank you so much to everyone who supported and voted for me. Your support was very appreciated and meant a lot to me. Of course I’m happy I made it through to the next round of the BNOC competition.”

And here’s a Tab exclusive, as Christina lays down the plans for her next parody video: “At the moment I have finished writing up the lyrics for my second parody video, and hoping to release the video at some point. Stay tuned for more videos to come and I promise you won’t regret it.”