BNOC 2015: Heat Two

Time for round two

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With entries flooding in for who should be Birmingham’s BNOC 2015, meet your heat two nominations. You probably already know these guys, but who will win?

Smit Thakar, third year, Maths

Local legend

About time. Social bee, everyone knows this ticket seller. He sells for so many nights, we think even he forgets them sometimes. Having been a long running Vodbull promoter (hide your missus), he lived a lavish lifestyle as a grey goose Mason wanker in his early days. It’s not easy being around Smit, bumping into someone who knows him every three seconds.

Be it in Selly, or on Broad Street, you’re sure to have seen him. He can sometimes be seen downing tequila in Gosta Greens at Aston Uni with more people he calls friends. Maybe a “BNIT” would’ve been the right nomination for Mr Mooch (Big Name in Town).

Luke Terry, third year, English

Luke has become somewhat of a Tab-lebrity during his three years at Birmingham, do we need to remind you he ate Rooster’s solidly for a week, and became who most people know as the Rooster’s guy? Luke’s “up for anything” vibe (yes, he is literally up for anything) has made him a name on the internet already. But can Luke upgrade his campus fame to graduate with the official title of Birmingham’s BNOC 2015?

Cameron Blair, second year, English and German

Cameron, AKA The Tab’s biggest fan. Everyone in the Arts Building knows of him and his floral shirts, you can’t miss either of them. Cameron can often be found lurking in the Mason Lounge because, well, he pretty much knows everyone.

If you haven’t seen him in the Arts Building then you will have seen him at various music night around Selly, where he regularly plays with his band. Being the keyboard player for St Elmo’s Fire obviously attracts a lot of female attention. If you see Cameron, he is usually surrounded by a group of adoring girls, a.k.a the Blair Babes. There are rumours he may be a relation of Oscar Wilde’s…

Morgan Rees, second year, Computer Science

They say second year is where we truly come out of our shell. None can be said more for Morgan “Drum Fervor” Rees. From humble origins in TC, he has entered the DJ scene with the fervor which makes up his stage name. His increasing skill and notoriety have made him an essential for the guy or girl trying to host a successful Selly Oak house party.

You may have seen him wheeling a trailer around with decks, with a red strip in one hand – or putting up Troupe event poster in places never thought possible by previous student promoters, eager to earn a quick buck. Whatever your opinion of the man, his skills continues to gain notoriety and strong appearance at Troupe and Rainbow are mere proof of this. A vote for Morgan is a vote for Bass.