Exam Bingo: All the people you’re bound to see in your exams

Exams do strange things to people

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Third term brings with it the excitement and promise of summer. But a dark cloud looms… exams are here once again. When you’re really stuck in the middle of your exam, sitting sadly at your desk, take a moment to look around: these are the people you cannot avoid.

The super keeno

Happy to be there

We’re torn between resentment and jealousy. The second we’re told we can open our papers, THIS person can be seen frantically scribbling away without a doubt. When you’re still reading the questions, they’re asking for more paper. All you can hear is their constant writing away, it’s enough to stress even the calmest of us out. We can sit and try to assure ourselves examiners reward quality over quantity, right?

The crier 

Definitely didn’t do enough revision. Shouldn’t have watched six hours of Netflix instead of reading.

The ‘I don’t know what anything MEANS’ stress

This person’s sad cries of hopelessness ring throughout the exam hall. Either that, or they’re sat with a silent tear streaking down their cheek when a lack of revision suddenly hits home. You feel obliged to make sure they’re okay, but hey, you have bigger issues.

Exams are a hard time for us all

The guy who’s already left

The second the half hour is up, this person is up and out of their seat before you can even count to 10. What is going through your mind? Why did you even attend just to leave? Have you finished already? Storm-outers are baffling to the rest of us, if this is you, please enlighten us to why you came to start with. Is there any point?

Or even worse… Did you FINISH in this time? Are you superhuman?

The cougher/pen tapper

Give them the death stare, why are you so annoying?

There are many levels of this guy. It’s bad luck when you’re sat behind someone with a cold. Even worst luck, you’re the person with a cold. Nothing turns friends into enemies more than sniffing and sneezing when trying to concentrate.

Or maybe someone has those lovely working habits, like the tap of a pen or feet. Either way, remember you’re in an exam and try not to throw your bottle at them.

The guy who no one has ever met before

Well, unless you’re some sort of uni socialite, chances are you won’t have met everyone on your course. But there’s always one person nobody will have every seen before. Who are you? Did you come to lectures? Maybe you’ll vaguely recognise them from the keen start of term Facebook adding, but this exam will allow you to meet for the first time. And never see them again.

Chances are, they’ll still do better than you.

The one who’s probably still drunk

But I like being blissfully ignorant of my future…

Sometimes exam season can be hard, sometimes a little drink helps you through it. This guy just decided a mad one on Broad Street was the best alternative to a night of cramming, and the strange smell of stale beer will confirm it.

The lonely chair 

Ah, the confusing sight of all those empty chairs in the exam hall. If you’re stuck on your paper, take time to muse over why they didn’t come in. Were they ill? Stuck in traffic? Or maybe it’s something far more exciting. But hey, maybe they decided university wasn’t the one… 10 minutes before the exam.

Oh so empty…

Whatever the cause, it’s a nice reassurance to know at least you turned up, whatever your fate may be.