Hackers threaten to LEAK Grad Ball line-up

The Guild of Pirates will release the info if they reach 1500 followers on Twitter

Some sneaky hackers are trying to reveal the Grad Ball line up – weeks before the Guild’s official release.

The group, who call themselves the “Guild of Pirates” make the info public if they get 1500 followers on Twitter.

The Pirates have already got their mitts on a copy of this years’ Grad Ball ticket and have leaked it on Twitter.

They say they trying to teach the Guild a lesson about their data protection and network security.

The Guild Pirates believe the the Guild is failing its students as the Guild does not properly protect its email server or its mailing lists.

To prove this the Pirates will release examples of how the Guild of Students neglects to protect their network on a regular basis.

The mysterious hackers have also claimed that 5% of the Student Population (1500 students) follow @GuildOfPirates before the Guild of Students secures their sensitive data and services, then they will release the line-up for this years Grad Ball.

The Pirates claim that their motives are not malicious and that they are concerned students who are trying to encourage the Guild to make its IT services more secure.

The group released a statement reassuring students that they do not have access to any Staff or Student Group emails and do not have access to see their passwords or data

‘The Guild is failing you’

The Pirates started this movement after reading the proposed motion GC.2.15.8i, so they decided to find out for themselves how the Guild of Students protects their network and the data on it.

The motion states that Bethan Dovey,Vice President of Democracy, Resources and Sustainability, should report back, with an outine of the network security polcies and data back up, to is to the Guild’s democratic body.

The Guild Pirates won’t stop until the issue is sorted

They plan to release information regularly, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until the issue is solved.