What really happens on Brumski…

We got all the exclusive pics

brumski skiing tour

Brumkski: a place of happiness, cheekiness and laughter, where the fancy dress is strong, the drinking beyond impressive and the skiing never falling short of hilarity.

It was time again for the boisterous, bountiful, brilliant Brumski and Board trip this Easter. Whether hungover or still boozy from the previous night, most managed to return to the slopes each day.

But what really happens on Brumski, besides skiing (of course)?

Silly Freesshheer

Feeling wavy

Sleepy Freesshheer

Face paint fanatics

Commitment at its finest.

American antics

What would the holiday be without the GoPro and Selfie Stick play?

Although feeling wavy, he manages to ski in style

Chair lift fun

A time to rehydrate and take a quick five minute kip to send the hangover away

How all the good nights should end…

O Ye Irish

Not sure you quite got the theme of St Paddy’s…

Some Classics

What a legend

Apres antics

Best of the rest

Eat it

The brave of the Brumski

What noise does a whale make?

Snuggles on the slopes

Marked on the first day… that’s unfortunate

Time to get boozy

Fancy dress is taken VERY seriously

Strong outfits boys, strong outfits.

The classic ‘I’m too drunk’ toilet selfie

The drunken communal toilet photo

Street life

Once again, outfits on point for the Brumski boys

So long Andorra…

Those who have experienced the greatness of this holiday return to England with a cold wash of Brumski blues, vowing to return to the slopes. So, for those of you who have not experienced the cheekiness of the holiday, Brumski is a must-do before you graduate.