Pedestrian hit by tanker on Bristol Road

They have been taken to hospital

aldi bristol road crash lorry

A pedestrian has been rushed to hospital after being hit by a fuel tanker.

The incident happened on Bristol Road just after 4pm today, and the road is now closed in both directions.

It happened near Aldi, between Heeley Road and Hubert Road.

Second year Mechanical Engineer Thomas Scone, said: “I came out of Aldi to see what looked like a transport tanker parked in the middle of the road with a pedestrian trapped beneath one tyre.

“Police had already blocked off the road with their cars and paramedics had just arrived.

“Already there were quite a few onlookers.”

Second year Harry Little, who arrived to the scene later, said: “There were lots of police cars surrounding the area and police tap cordoning it off.”