Just because you buy me a drink doesn’t mean I owe you sex

Maybe I just want a free drink

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At this time of year, two weeks before the end of term, most of us are pretty penniless. Going out in itself can be pretty harsh on our collective pockets, so if a guy offers to buy you a drink at a bar, you aren’t necessarily going to say no.

Buying a girl a drink can be a very kind and chivalrous thing to do, but more often than not it can also be presumptuous, rude, and just pretty arrogant.

It’s flattering to be bought a drink, and you may spend the next 10 minutes giggling and flirting in order to say thank you. But then you’ll get on your way – unattached, and not feeling guilty in the slightest.


The only way to avoid creepers: keep your drink close to your face at all times

It's sometimes hard to say no to a cocktail...

It’s sometimes hard to say no to a cocktail

Obviously not every boy who buys a girl a drink is trying to get into their pants. But there are undoubtedly some guys who think a £2.50 vodka mixer is the way into your bed. They slide up to you along the bar and muscle their way into your conversation, with a massive grin of self-assurance and utter those bitter sweet words “can I buy you a drink?” You can’t help but scream “yes”.

Pretty soon, though, you regretfully realise how to them, this may not just be a vodka lemonade from one randomer to another, but a sure-fire invitation to shag. This possibly innocent gesture is then riddled with guilt and expectations to at least talk to the guy. And then dance. And, if your conscience and their charm combine to create an awful vicious circle… possibly sex.


Sometimes a gals night out is best

Although many of us are poor students searching for any penny pinching tactics we can, offering sex for a vodka and coke is taking it too far. The worst part of this ordeal is the expectant look on the guy’s face after you’ve necked your Jägerbomb.

The reality is, even if it was free, you don’t owe him anything. It was your choice to fork out money on overpriced drinks for her in the first place.


Nothing like a free drink to form a bond… and a slight suspicion

Sadly though, this is a two-way street. There are, and always will be, those girls who stunt around clubs seeking out free drinks from unassuming strangers. Sorry girls, you’ve got to expect a cling on or two for the rest of the night. Nothing in this world comes for free, right?