What do guys really think of 21st century feminism?

Are we all ‘raging lesbians’?

We’ve reached 2015 and females are still suffering from inequality in many aspects of their day to day life. With victim blaming at an all time high and lesser wages for women still a shocking part of careers, it is no surprise feminism has become a staple part of modern society.

We wanted to see what guys think of feminism on campus and if they think it has a place in our society after my friend and I were called “raging lesbians” for calling ourselves feminists.

Jamie Mottram, second year, History


“I would say, even though a lot has been achieved, complete equality with men is still not a reality. Casual sexism is still obvious in everything, having horny builders shout out to passing women on the street, to the double standards imposed on women when it comes to judging them negatively as far as one night stands are concerned.

“Also, the negative connotations associated with the term feminism is evidence sexism still hasn’t been removed.”

Gary Zs, third year, American and English Literature


“With stuff like rape, most people kind of point the blame on women when it’s men who are the agents in anything to do with rape. It’s not women’s fault for being raped, it’s the person who raped them.”

Ben Pothecary, third year, Sociology


“I think women’s issues are subversive in society now, and so feminism is important to expose them to the public eye.”

Mike Knowles, second year, History


“I say it’s probably needed now more than ever, really. We’re in an age where women can use such mediums as social media to be able to advance their cause, we are advancing and things are a lot different to 100 years ago. We got the vote after WW1 and we are almost at an age where we could potentially have complete gender equality.

“Feminism has really stepped up its game and we can work towards complete equality, which I think is more important now than ever.”

George Hughes, fourth year, Chemistry


“Feminism has changed over the past 100 hundred years from getting the vote to the he for she campaign ran by Emma Watson, but yes it still is really needed.

“In America I think women earn on average 87 cent per every dollar men earn. There is a massive disparity in women in top jobs in big firms, and that’s going to have to come around from a huge culture change which is starting, but needs to build up more momentum.

“That’s going to have to start on places like university campuses and in schools where there are more positive women role models, where women in charge isn’t something new and exciting, it is just part of the done thing, so yes feminism is needed.”

Arjun Kohl, third year, History


“Feminism is an important part of our society at the moment. I think there is a very male centred society, and I think with feminism more guys should be feminist as well.”

Dabby, second year, Computer Science


“Some things some females can’t do because of their physical structure, like building, but some are stronger than others. But if you work as much as males, why shouldn’t you have the same pay?”

Tom Jarvis, second year, Civil Engineering 


“I feel like females should definitely have equal rights, but I’m an inappropriate person and hate when I make inappropriate jokes and females still get all touchy.”