Stop complaining about how much work you have to do

Please just stop

busy dissertation library moan third year work

More and more people are finding it acceptable to constantly complain about the endless amount of reading or assignments they find themselves having to do. Chances are, these people have spent more time whining about their assignments on social media than actually putting pen to paper.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional moan. But when entire Snapchat feeds are filled with people bragging about how they’ve spent 24 hours in the library, it all gets a little bit too much.

And God forbid if you are a first year uttering the words “I have so much work to do”. Yes, the jump from A Levels to university is bigger than the fall Madonna took at the BRITs, but you only need 40 per cent. So please spend freshers how it is supposed to be spent: losing your dignity in the pits of Players bar or watching copious amounts of crap TV on Netflix.

There are few things more annoying than this

Another incredibly annoying thing that comes out of all this complaining is the “my degree is better than yours” culture. Granted, some Arts students probably have yet to set foot in the library that Medics spend every waking hour in. But does anyone actually care?

If everyone got on with their degrees in peace, Birmingham would be a better place. At the end of the day, the amount of work you signed up for by choosing a degree you wanted to study is not everyone else’s problem.

My productivity levels were at an all time high in first year

So please stop jumping on every opportunity to cry about how hard your degree is. Quite frankly, no one cares. We’re paying £9,000 a year to get a degree, not to hear about how hard it is for you to get yours.