This is how to wear a bin bag on a night out

You can literally go out in anything

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Ever wanted to go on a night out, but just been so strapped for cash you couldn’t justify it? Fear not. Here are the perfect outfits to suit any night. 

While this fashion statement is usually restricted to the classic sports night theme of Anything But Clothes, the old bin bag can be adopted for any night out – whether you’re hitting Mechu or Fab.

Grab a bin bag and some foil and you’re good to go.

Dedicated lacrosse fresher

Dedicated lacrosse fresher


On a budget? This little black dress is perfect for a classy Vodbull event.



IMG_5568Wrap up warm in some tin foil for extra insulation on these cold nights.


Or just add a bit of excitement to an already planned outfit.



No more excuses to not attend every event in style, in these cheap and cheerful classics.