Stop ‘wexting’, you’re doing everyone’s head in

There’s a name for people like you

phone texting wexting

Are you someone who simply can’t wait to tell all your friends about some meaningless drivel going on in your life?  Someone who must instantly tweet their mundane ideas about life and passing thoughts?  If so, chances are you are a wexter.

Urban dictionary defines you as:


If you’re a wexter, you’re a massive pain to the rest of humanity. What is so important it can’t wait 10 minutes until you’re safely on campus out of everyone’s way?

Most wexters might justify this annoying habit by saying they do it when they’re running late. Your friends will probably have guessed you’re running late by the fact you aren’t there. Also, you probably wouldn’t be so late if you weren’t walking so slowly trying to text. You’re practically walking backwards with your phone in front of your face.

This is probably why you're late

This is probably why you’re late

They’re probably trying to increase their popularity too by texting all their “friends” publicly. They’re too self-conscious to walk around on their own, so they have to make it look like they’re in high demand. Friends trapped in a phone don’t really count as friends, so you’re being counter-productive.

And you might think you have some really juicy gossip, but we can guarantee your gossip will still be juicy in approximately 10 minutes, so can it not just wait? You’ll be over it by the time your lecture is over so why are you holding me up with your bickering now?

Of course everyone wexts once in a while, but how do you not get bored if you’re doing it so constantly you can’t even put your phone down while you walk to campus? You miss so many things while being absorbed in your phone.  They could be things like seeing friends across the road (real, actual life friends you could have a real, actual live conversation with), to massive lamp posts or holes in the pavement, which are just waiting to make you look ridiculous as you stumble all over the place.

Interacting with real people is for losers

Interacting with real people is for losers

You should stop wexting for your own personal safety.  And your phone bill.  And the general wellbeing of your decaying mind that is overly gorged on “lols” and “omgs”.