Bristol Road is the most dangerous place to live in Selly

Bear this in mind when picking your student house

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There were five crimes a day in Selly Oak last year, according to official figures.

Police stats show a total of 1663 crimes were committed in the student area in the last academic year (the ten months between September and June).

Bristol Road statistically was where the most number of crimes were committed last year.

June was by far the worst month for crime, with a whopping 216 crimes being committed.

And if you want to live on the most dangerous – choose Bristol Road. 35 of those crimes were committed on the high street, ranging from burglaries to assault.

Rookery and Alton seem like a pretty safe bet, with only 6 crimes committed on each throughout the year, with none at all from April to June for Alton.

 Selly’s most dangerous roads

1. Bristol (35 crimes)
2. Heeley (27)
= Dartmouth (27)
4. Exeter (23)
5. Raddlebarn (21)
= Dawlish (21)

Rookery Resident Cate told the Tab: “I live in the bottom floor bedroom in my house on Rookery and at first I was a bit nervous because of all the crime in Selly Oak.

“But nothing’s ever happened and it’s actually normally quite quiet for a student area and I’ve always felt quite safe!”

Heeley Road however took a close second for dangerous living, as a total of 27 crimes were committed across the term, which is a giant 4.9 crimes per month.

Heeley Road is second for crime in Selly Oak

Horrified Heeley resident, Tamsin, said: “I am shocked, Heeley always seems like such a quiet road compared to the others.”

Despite, freaky bird incidents, flailing penises and the recent fire, Hubert was down to just nine crimes this year.

Raddlebarn and Dawlish were equal with 21 crimes, including burglaries and break ins which scared students last year.

The recent fire on Hubert Road

Seemingly ‘quieter’  streets of Dartmouth and Exeter were the shockers of the statistics, with Dartmouth being victim to 27 crimes, and Exeter 23.

Popular student street Tiverton had an average of 1 crime a month, which surprised one resident, who told The Tab: “In my opinion, Tiverton is one of the more student streets, weird that the crime rate is so much lower than the others.

“Just shows, just because somewhere has a reputation, doesn’t mean it’s true”.

Unless you’re talking about Selly…