Our ‘Not On’ campaign gets the support of local pubs

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated

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Pubs across the city are uniting against sexual harassment as they release special beer mats.

The Not On movement was launched by the University last month and now has the support of local bars such as the Briar Rose, Solomon Cutler, Walkabout and Post Office Vaults.

The beer mats will be used to raise awareness of “lad culture” and harassment.

The beer mat scheme was launched by Oxford grad Maisie Jenkinson, who said: “Lad culture is part of a wider system that objectifies women and congratulates men for domineering behaviour.

“I think almost all women will have had a negative experience with gender inequality.”


Bars and clubs are normally a hub of sexual harassment, with many women experiencing unwanted sexual advancements such as groping and kissing.

Around a third of female students claim to have been victims of sexual harassment, but it has also affected around 12 per cent of male students.

In a joint statement, the Guild and the University said: “You should never be subjected to harassment, whether this occurs in a bar, on campus, on public transport or online, and be it by people you know or complete strangers.

“The Guild of Students operates a strict zero tolerance policy in regards to harassment, fully supported by the University.”

Beer mats may only be a small step, but it’s a small step in the right direction encouraging people to challenge sexual harassment.