Adopt a Charity Week hits campus

The events are happening this week

For the first time ever, Carnival Rag alongside a select few societies have decided to take part in Adopt a Charity Week.

The week gives you the chance to get involved with different charities and help them raise money.

Organiser Ed Sainsbury, a third year Political Science student, told The Tab: “Adopt a Charity Week 2015 is the first of what we hope will be an annual fixture in the University calendar.

“It has been great seeing societies from across the University working together to put on a week of amazing activities for fundraising events, for a range of worthwhile causes.

“We are really pleased to be working with the careers network as well as sponsors Teach First, Santander and Venue Birmingham, to deliver a fantastic week of events.”

Ed Sainsbury with Carnival Rag

Ed Sainsbury with Carnival Rag

The Holdsworth Club are raising money for Amnesty International

They held a pub quiz social at Urban Village Bar on Monday night.

They told The Tab: “We decided to get involved with this as in being regarded as charity ourselves, we understand the importance of giving back. It was a fun night for everyone to get involved with and raise money at the same time.

“In keeping with a legal theme, we decided to raise money for Amnesty International due to the work they do in protecting the human rights of everyone and standing up for the essential needs of justice, fairness, freedom and equality.”

The Marrow Society are raising money for the Anthony Nolan Charity

Anthony Nolan is a lifesaving charity who give people with blood cancers a second chance at life. As the student counterpart to Anthony Nolan, Marrow regularly run donor recruitment events across campus where they sign potential matches up to the bone marrow registry.

Unfortunately, the process of signing people up to the registry is costly, which is why it is essential they raise as much money as possible for Anthony Nolan. They will be present in the Guild of Students all week giving you the opportunity to join the Anthony Nolan register, which simply involves a form and a saliva sample.

Marrow are also hosting a cocktail making class on Tuesday night alongside the Cocktail Society in order to raise more money.


The Songwriters’ Society are raising money for Sense Charity

Songsoc are raising money for Sense and are holding a large original music showcase at the Lounge in Selly Oak on Wednesday February 11.

They told The Tab: “Our committee were drawn to Sense because we felt it would be lovely to raise money for people unable to experience the joys of music through music itself.

“Sense use a lot of musical vibrations and sensory toys in their work, so we felt our society held a connection with them and naturally the work they do is so important so we felt our donation would be put to fantastic use with them.”

They also crashed a Chemical Engineering lecture last week to promote their event.


The Romanian Society are raising money for The Ebola Relief Appeal

On Thursday at 3.30pm in the Amos Room, the Romanina Society will be hosting a film showing of Dracula in order to raise money for the Ebola Relief Appeal.

The Psychology Society are raising money for MIND

They are hosting a live game of Pointless in LG14 in Learning Centre on Thursday at 6.15pm, in order to raise money for the mental health charity MIND. It’s definitely worth entering, as the winners will receive free entry to Vodbull, a cheeky Nando’s voucher and some chocolates.

The Jewish Society are fundraising for Magen David Adom

Also on Thursday, the Jewish Society are hosting a sponsored fun neon run around the Vale and 8.30pm. You even finish with a free drink from the Duck and Scholar.

The Baking Society are raising money for St Mary’s Hospice

The Baking Society are holding baking competitions all week, where the winner is judged by the people who buy the cakes.

On Friday they’re bringing a bit of summer spirit to wintery February by holding a celebratory tea party, with entertainment from a live jazz band and all the cake you can eat, with all the proceeds going to St Mary’s Hospice.

bake off adopt

The LGBTQ Association are fundraising for Birmingham LGBT Centre 

The LGBTQ Society are raising money for the LGBTQ Centre in Birmingham in conjunction with Carnival Rag and LGBTQ Awareness Month.

On Friday at 7.30pm, in the Deb Hall, a performance of Soho Cinders will be staged.  Written by Anthony Drewe (Honk!, Mary Poppins) and Elliot Davis (Loserville, Out There!), with music by George Stiles (Honk!, Mary Poppins), Soho Cinders is a sensational modern adaptation of the well known fairy-tale Cinderella.

Set in the theatre-loving, drunken-clubbing district of Soho in London, with oh-so-naughty songs and even-naughtier characters to inspire, this musical delightfully embodies modern life, while mocking some of those annoying modern day issues while it’s at it.

adopt a chaz

We all wish we did more for charity, and with such a range of charities and activities, there’s something for everyone and no excuse to not get involved. So support the many worthy causes and give back to the generous societies. All have helped Ed in ensuring such a fantastic idea has become a reality.