In defence of looking crap on campus

It’s tough to look your best all the time

hangover heels lectures looking crap on campus overdressed trackies underdressed

We’ve all been guilty of waking up in the morning, taking one look in the mirror and thinking “sod it, that’ll do”.

This is not only acceptable, but ought to be celebrated. After all, who has the time to channel their inner Channing Tatum or Kim Kardashian every day of the week?

Quite frankly, that would be exhausting.

We’re at university to get a degree (and if we happen to do a course in drinking on the side that’s fine), and sometimes the work load (or alcohol) requires all of our energy.

It's just too much..

It’s just too much

On these desperate days, getting enough sleep to be a functional student has to take priority over looking good. Those extra 15 minutes could be a grade saver, in which case the occasional judgemental look really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, during this time of year people’s self-presentation seems to deteriorate, making you just one fish in a badly dressed ocean.

Even if your work load isn’t huge, extra time spent in the comfort of your bed can be invaluable: especially if you’ve been out on the town the night before. Everyone knows the struggle of being rudely awoken by your alarm, and trying to figure out if you’re hungover, or still drunk.

Bed my friend, you've always been there for me

Bed my friend, you’ve always been there for me

In these situations, making yourself look half decent feels as difficult as Frodo’s journey to Mordor. And let’s face it, we’ve all been astounded (if not a little annoyed) at those friends who only a few hours ago were dancing on tables, and yet have somehow managed to look photoshoot ready at your 9am lecture.

It’s on the days following sports night when five second friendships are made, where you walk past strangers with paint still in their hair and give them a sympathetic nod as if to say “I understand”.

Slobs unite

Slobs unite

So despite how paranoid or self-conscious you might feel, chances are people are too caught up in their own hangover hysteria to notice you also look like shit.

Finally, and possibly the most important reason for looking shit on campus:
it’s bloody cold out there.

Sometimes opening your door in the morning feels like finding yourself in Narnia, unprepared and underdressed. On these days coats, jumpers, and trackies are the only things you can wear comfortably without the fear of getting frostbite.

At times like this, appearing frumpy is always preferable to feeling like a cold Russian prostitute.

DSC00124 (640x480)

No amount of bundling seems to keep the cold out

DSC00128 (640x480)

Embrace your inner slob, it’s definitely the best choice

In a society that often values appearance above all else it is easy to judge those who, for whatever reason, are unable to meet these standards.

We know you can’t always look your best, and frankly neither can we.

That’s okay, we want you to remember it’s alright to slob out every now and then. Especially because of the stresses university throws your way.