Is clubbing only fun when you’re single?

No, obviously not

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There’s the age old argument clubbing is only a laugh when you are free to do what you want.

It must be true you and your mate can only have a brilliant night when you are all able to pull without a care in the world… right?

Who wants to be the one who sways awkwardly on the dance floor, watching their wild mates hanging off members of the opposite sex? Or even worse, the couple that goes out together and spend the whole night pressed up against the bar sucking face?

These are the questions that plague our generation.

Free as a bird, how sweet

Claire, a Second Year, Geology student, said: “I have always had the best nights when I’m single. I can do whatever I want and not worry about a thing.”

But is that the case?

It probably was true back when you were 16. Parties and nights out were always hilarious with single friends, watching your mates stumbling around the club getting with seven guys in a night.

Those were the days.

The best nights are when you’re single?

But now everyone is a bit older, being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t be a fun person with a whole load of friends. It definitely doesn’t mean you have to stop going to Fab and stay in bed cuddling and watching Netflix instead.

Chloe, a third year Mathematics student was keen to confirm this.

She said: “I have been in a relationship for two years and I go out at least once a week either with or without my boyfriend.

“I always have fun and I don’t think relationship status makes any difference to how fun you are on a night out at all.”

Couples who Fab together, stay together


Not being funny though, there are some couples on a night out that make everyone want to throw up in their mouths.

If you go out with your friends, then spend the entire night necking your boy/girlfriend, you might as well have stayed in and been able to make it to your 9am.

Or if you are determined to ruin everyone else’s night by arguing with your significant other, and then making your friends leave early with you – again… just stay in.

Don’t even bother.

PLEASE don’t be that girl who spends her entire night crying in the toilets because her boyfriend refused to buy her another drink. A night out is only fun if you are single, if all you want to do is get on girls/boys.

If you can have fun and be with your friends without needing attention from the opposite sex, then of course you don’t need to be single to have fun on a night out.


What do you think? Can you only have fun on a night out when you’re single?