How to dress for a 9am when you’re really hungover

The struggle is most definitely real

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Every girl cringes at the prospect of their 9am lecture after a night out, and for many of us, lecture recordings are a blessing in disguise.

But for those of you who dare to battle through the queasy stomach and banging headache, you’ve just got to accept that you’re going to look pretty shitty. And for those superhuman girls who just look flawless even though we saw you dancing on the tables at 3am, we all hate you.

At least low attendance means less people to witness how shit you look

Too pissed last night to take your make-up off? Work it

So, you wake up looking like a clinically depressed panda, but on the plus side most of your mascara is intact.

Apply a few more layers and wipe those bags away with a trusty baby wipe.

Last night’s lipstick is tattooed to your lips but half a pot of vaseline should do the trick.

So cheap and yet so valuable

Homeless woman chic

When hungover, the amount of pain inflicted to your body should not be increased by tight and uncomfortable clothing.

The mini-skirt you donned last night looked great, but at 8:30am you’ve got to hit ’em with that killer combo: baggy tops and leggings.

Evidently thrilled to be going to my lecture

You might look like a middle-aged man, but you’re comfy and you’re hungover, so you don’t give a shit.

You have an excuse.

The having-a-bad-hair-day hat

Your hair is sticky and dreadlocked, and attempting to brush it is self-inflicted torture.

Cover it with some form of knitted beanie instead and you can tackle it with your housemates later.

Enthusiastically taking notes

It’s most likely that when you get there you’ll shamelessly nod off in the back row, but at least you can say you made it and you almost look like a normal human-being.

Even if your liver is slowly rotting away inside of you.