Charity shops will change the way you dress forever

Macklemore was right

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Who hasn’t ever spent £60 in Topshop and then had to survive for the next week becoming a hermit and eating a tonne of baked beans?

Why must nice clothes equal the suffering of choosing fashion or nice food?

Well, fear no more because originality has arrived. Ever wondered where you could find perfectly fuzzy jumpers for a quarter of the price? Or that dress you’ve been eyeing up in Urban Outfitters for the last three months but have succumbed to realise it’s just not going to happen for you?

Say goodbye to wearing the same playsuit to every single Vodbull and that trusted crop top that has graced the dance floors of Players one too many times.

The answer to all your last minute fashion stresses is right here.


Sorting out your fashion issues, one shop at a time

Oasis, Corporation Road

From the stacks of vintage Levi shorts to the rails of renewal style leather biker jackets, the shop really has it all, and we here at The Tab couldn’t wait to explore the treasure inside.


Best of both worlds


These amazingly Harper & Lewis quirky jumpers are only going to put you out £10.

Yes, that’s £10 (cue happy dancing for dinner tonight).

The range was vast and the decision was tough but overall we decided on the Kelly Kapowski style blue one. Score.


After getting extremely excited at the prospect of buying ourselves a whole new winter wardrobe, we discovered these little denim gems.


What a find

We thought these styles were very summer festival Parklife-esque and less “Gonna play some music in my garden and dance around”.


Verdict? Big fans.

Barnardos, 141 High Street, Harborne

Next on the list… Charity shops. Equally as good as vintage and quarter of the price.

Double cutting down on the high-street- BINGO, Don’t mind if we do. A well-known chain of charity shops, Barnado’s had all the right ideas.


This cheeky missguided style co-ord would only put you out £5.25 for both parts.


Broadstreet is calling…

As for this black top with chain detail, definitely something we could see ourselves rocking for a night out on the town.

St Mary’s Hospice, 53-59 High Street, Harborne 


We loved these from St Mary’s Hospice, both materials were amazingly soft and perfect wardrobe essentials.


How could anyone resist?

We also came across these Dr. Martins for a tenner. Bargain compared to the original price.

PDSA, 138-140 High Street, Harborne 

Our final adventure took us to the doors of PDSA, where we fell in love with this bag and this amazing 60’s style dress.



So your prayers have been answered.

There is no need to wear the same old topshop bralet the world and their sister have been rocking. Be different and adventurous and visit local vintage stores and charity shops.

I assure you, thrift shopping is much far more fun and much less generic than high street shopping, why would you not give it a go?