More Islamophobic graffiti scrawled in the Arts building

It says ‘kill Islam before it kills you’

graffiti islam racism racist slurs university of birmingham

Bigoted vandals have graffitied more vile slurs on campus – just 10 days after the Psychology building was defaced.

A photo on Facebook shows the words: “kill Islam before it kills you”.

The graffiti was apparently found today in the toilets of the Arts building.

This picture was posted on Facebook today

The disgusting slogan comes just over a week after “Islam must die” was sprayed on the Psychology building.

Jamie Crawford, a second year Medical student said: “It’s disappointing to see intolerance countered with more intolerance.”

Steph Fox, studying Chemistry, told The Tab: “It’s hideous, it just seems like a mindless hate crime.

“Not only is it offensive to the followers of Islam but also to the University which is extremely supportive of diversity.

“I just don’t understand why.”

The graffiti found on the side of the Psychology building

The Guild of Students has a strict no-tolerance policy on any form of discrimination.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the University said:

“The University of Birmingham removed all graffiti as soon as it became evident. The University continues to work with West Midlands Police to identify those responsible.

“We are also working with the Guild of Students directly and through our Good Campus Relations Group, and with the Unversity’s multi-faith Chaplaincy.

“The University of Birmingham is a community of 150 nations situated in a vibrant multi-cultural city and we are extremely proud of our diversity.

“We will actively challenge discrimination of any kind and continue to strive to strike a balance that ensures vigilance against any form of potential extremism or discrimination while also protecting freedom of speech.”

It is not yet known who the perpetrators of this hate crime are.

If you have any information about these incidents please contact the West Midlands Police.