Electric’s bargain 80p drinks night cancelled

Well that’s no fun

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Brum’s bargain night has been axed by council stiffs, after it was branded “utterly irresponsible” for selling drinks for less than £1.

Up and coming super club Electric has been forced to cancel its end of exams event where it planned to sell drinks for 80p, devastating avid party-goers.

The event was planned for February 2 and advertised 80p drinks for the usual £4 entry.

Labour MP for Edgbaston Gisela Stuart branded plans for the Twisted Mondays event “utterly irresponsible”, claiming they would encourage “cheap heavy drinking on a Monday night”.

She said: “There’s quite enough problems with overloaded A&Es.

“We don’t need it on a Monday night with people getting drunk on cheap alcohol.”

Students were quick to react, and the annoyance was clear for many who feel like it is just another attack on university life.

Frustrated English student Ellie said: “It seems bit patronising towards students to shut it down before it even started.

“At any club there’s going to be some people who drink more than they can handle, but it’s unfair to stop the majority from enjoying what sounds like a good a night out.”

Irresponsible drinking? Never

Similar feelings were shared by second year Psychology student Sarah, who told The Tab: “This kind of drinking happens on any night out anyway, it was just a way of not spending all our student loans in one night.

“We can only afford books if nights out are cheap.

“But seriously, cheaper drinks won’t change the average persons behaviour, people will drink the same amounts, but spend less money.

“It’s a win win situation.

“It’s a bit of a joke. I was looking forward to it.”

Well, we’re gutted

Before the night was cancelled, Ray Mohamed, a freelance promoter for the club, claimed the venue would not allow irresponsible drinking.

He said: “If the bar staff see people are overly wasted, the staff would say we can’t serve you anymore.

“It’s up to a certain time for the 80p ones, so it’s just some offer for us to pull people into the club.”

However, the club maintain the closure was not due to council pressure, but financial loss.

The club has not responded to The Tab’s request for comment at the time of publication.