Selly supermarkets: What your choice says about you

Are you the rah that treks to Waitrose?

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Whether its popping in for some milk, grabbing an on-the-run meal deal or stocking up on alcohol for Sports Night, your chosen place of purchase reveals more about you than you think.

Most of us are drawn to a particular supermarket, and we’re here to inform you on how you’re judged by fellow peers.  This one, seemingly meaningless choice actually enables everyone to read your personality, attitude, financial status and basically suss out your entire life. Yup, really.


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Love that chicken mayo

Ahh, lunchtime.  Its convenient location on campus means Spar-goers are generally those who spend a lot of (voluntary) time at uni.

Above all else, the £3 meal deal provides a quick break from those horrifically long library stints we all endure. The £1 deals on chocolate “sharing” packs are also single-handedly responsible for us piling on the pounds.

Spar students tend to be quite lazy, and quite frankly, not all that bothered about their shop of choice.  No-one is loyal to Spar, it’s just sort of there.


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Just grabbing some rosemary & sea salt focaccia for tomorrow’s lunch date

To begin with, the fact the nearest Waitrose is in Harborne speaks a lot of a student customer’s character.  They’re willing to go that extra mile (quite literally) for their home-comfort quality goods.

Said student is one who loves his/her Waitrose card as much as us common students enjoy our Joe’s cards… even the free coffee tastes superior.

These chic shoppers are, of course, the types who enjoy a weekly Ocado delivery ordered (and paid for) by Mummy – she wouldn’t let her little darling starve, or – god forbid – consume anything from Aldi.




Everyone loves a Sainsbury’s soup

Sainsbury’s is classy without trying too hard. You can profit from the tastiest food without being labelled a “rah” (sorry, Waitrose).

Foodies at heart, students who choose to pick up the essentials at Sainsbury’s genuinely care about what they’re putting into their mouths and don’t mind spending a teeny bit extra.  Their attitude towards food is reflected in all other areas of life, too.  Rosé above Frosty Jacks, always.


No better joy than a bargain!

No better joy than a bargain!

The typical Aldi customer is pretty happy-go-lucky.  He loves being able to grab a whole weekly shop and alcohol with a sole £20 note, and still bag some change.  Oh so ideal.

The Aldisaurus, as we’ll call them, knows how to grab a bargain, not tending to put much thought into the quality of their nosh. Their bank balance is difficult to judge – they’re either wallowing in overdrafts or are characteristically stingy and annoying.

Aside from such a savvy supermarket choice, this student employs a broad spectrum of money saving techniques.  For example, luxuriating in a wardrobe solely consisting of freebie freshers t-shirts. Why spend money on something you already have, right?

So. Much. Cheap. Wine.

So. Much. Cheap. Wine.



Unlimited Red Bull supply

Our much-loved 24 hour Tesco is a true saviour when those 3am hunger pains strike, and foraging through empty cupboards falls fruitless.

Which supermarket competitor is more convenient for stocking up on redbulls during all nighters? None. Tesco wins.

Not only is it ideally situated inbetween uni and Selly Oak, it’s also open all the time, consequently making it the most trustworthy and night-owl friendly.  Perfect for drunken snackers, messed up body clocks and hardcore night-before-deadline essay writers alike.