Should you live with your boyfriend at university?

Probably not

boyfriend couple living single university

More and more couples seem to be diving into the deep end recently and deciding to share rent as well as bodily fluids.

Although it may be like living on cloud nine for the first term if you’re lucky, the harsh truth is that most couples find themselves living in the nightmare of bumping into your ex on the way to the shower.

Although some couples manage to get it right, unfortunately it is likely they are the exception to the rule.

Word is going around that not all stories have such a happy ending. Frightening tales of parents having to fork out on a one bed flat due to a previously loved up couple breaking up is just the tip of the iceberg.

No boyfriends, no problem.

No boyfriends, no problem

Break-ups leading to couples having to relocate to the cheapest first year accommodation and abandon the house they had planned to live in together is enough to put off any couple considering making a love nest in Selly Oak.
Don’t couples that live together risk too much?

Not only could a massively awkward living situation occur should a break-up be on the cards, but also months of rent being washed down the shower drain as they lie in it and cry about the loss of their money, love and dignity. This is money that could have been spent on vodka Red Bulls at Stupid Tuesday as a single agent.

Although most Selly Oak love stories appear to end in tragedy, some couples are out to prove that dreams really do come true.

Tamsin Eddey and her boyfriend Harry Little successfully live together in Selly Oak. Although the pair coupled up after arranging to live together, Harry was very sure they would have done anyway.

Tamsin and Harry are happier living together than apart

Tamsin and Harry are happier living together than apart

He told The Tab having a strong friendship and good communication is how they manage to achieve the balance between a degree, being a couple, and having other friends.

Tamsin admitted that although their housemates took a while to come around to the idea, there have been no issues since moving in.

Both Tamsin and Harry also agreed there is no issue with missing out on uni life – they enjoy both societies and nights out separately without an issue. They even save money by doing a joint food shop.

Doesn't look like they are missing out on Uni life!

Doesn’t look like they are missing out on Uni life!

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While some couples appear to have landed in Birmingham straight out of a Disney film, the rest of us are not so sure.

The horror of living with an ex is second only to living with your newly single self, knowing you made this bed of heartache and pain, now you have to lie in it. Ouch.

So, if a Brum couple is formed by the romantically lit (but worryingly sticky) Joe’s bar at Fab, it seems obvious that it is simpler to live separately and save both head and heartache should the relationship go tits up post-honeymoon stage.

Another potential couple is formed at Fab- He's keen!

Another potential couple is formed at Fab- He’s keen!

Would it even be simpler to remain romantically unattached and forever ordering pizza hut deserts for one on a Monday night?

It would be fair to say a cookie dough and ice cream doesn’t cuddle you at night, but it is sure to keep you warm due to the extra pounds.