Paramedics called to Great Hall

Witness says a member of staff has allegedly broken his arm

A lecturer has reportedly been rushed to hospital following an incident in the Great Hall.

Paramedics were called to the Great Hall earlier this morning, with a witness saying a lecturer broke his arm.

Harry, a third year student, said: “I was walking past the Great Hall when I saw two ambulances, sirens sounding, rush to the entrance.


Paramedics 2

“Around five or six paramedics rushed into the building.

“When I entered there was a member of staff sitting against one of the walls, with what appeared to be a badly injured arm.

“The paramedics checked him over and then bandaged his arm up, before putting him in the ambulance and driving away.

“I presume he’s been taken to hospital to have it looked over.”

Paramedics 3

West Midlands Ambulance Service were unavailable to comment.