Shooting in Selly Oak: Armed police arrive after gunman fires shots on Warwards Lane

‘Someone’s trying to kill me, they’re shooting at me’

A terrified man ran into a student’s house to escape a gunman on Warwards Lane last night.

Cops were called to Selly Oak in the early hours of this morning, following reports that a gun was fired.

Ben, who lives on Warwards Road, said a shocked man ran into his house shouting someone was trying to shoot him.

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Raddlebarn and Woodside Road are cordoned off by Police

Speaking to The Tab, he said: “It was 1am and we were just working when we heard banging on the door. I opened and a six foot tall black guy came barging in yelling ‘someone’s trying to kill me, they’re shooting at me.’

“He was in a state of shock and paranoia, pacing about the lounge really erratically.

“My housemates and I thought, ‘Here we go, we’re going to be another Selly Oak crime statistic.’

“We got him to sit to calm him down but he didn’t want to drink the glass of water we offered, saying it was poisoned. He asked us if we were involved in the shooting.

“He was dressed shabbily and for some reason said he was on the dole.

“The police came after ages and they were armed with huge pistols, wearing body armour and the full gear.

“They arrived after ages, saying they were responding to other places who reported the gunshots.

“The police took the guy away to identify where he was shot at.

“The man must have run through gardens to get to us. To be honest, when he first came in, I thought, ‘here we go, this is it, something terrible is going to happen.

“When we realised he wasn’t a threat it was less scary but still surreal.”

Wardwards Lane, where the alleged shooting took place

Wardwards Lane, where the alleged shooting took place

The area concerned – between Raddlebarn and Woodside Road – has been cordoned off since 1.30am this morning.

Chief Inspector Dean Hatton, the West Midlands Police Incident Manager, said: “Officers were called to Warwards Lane just before 1.15am following a 999 call by a member of public.

“No-one has been injured and the area is cordoned off while officers continue to investigate the allegation. Police are working hard to reduce disruption to the public.”

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A spokesperson for the police confirmed that no weapon has been seized as of yet.

Did you see what happened? Phone the Police on 101.