Special Deliver-wee: Selly pranksters posted urine-filled condoms through my letter box

Talk about taking the piss

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You don’t get this kind of service anywhere else.

Hubert Road students awoke with disbelief last Saturday after Halloween tricksters posted urine-filled Johnnies through their letter box.

The reasoning behind the prank is unknown, although it is believed that Halloween antics were most probably behind it all.

Katherine, an English and Art History second year, lives in one of the targeted houses.

Katherine – visibly drained by the ordeal – said she feels both repulsed and angered by the incident.

She remembered: “This is the first time we’ve experienced having things shoved through our letter box.

“There were other cases of similar things happening on our street, but I don’t think any of them lived up to the prank they pulled on us.

“My housemate found it when she came in from Fab. We had to ask our neighbour to get rid of it because it was so disgusting.”

Along with her evident disgust, she also expressed concern for the culprit’s health.

She added: “It [the pissy condom] was a very alarming shade of yellow – it was very unhealthy, like berocca yellow.

“Whoever it was needs to sort their life out, and probably drink a lot more fluids too.”

Until recently, Selly was seen as a nicer place to live…

Luckily, the doormat was protected from the bizarre delivery by a collection of takeaway menus, which Katherine bitterly added, are now “completely wrecked”.

Despite our best efforts to identify the culprits, it seems that for now, Selly’s serial urinators still remain at large.

Have you fallen foul of Selly’s late night postal service? Has something similar happened to you? Get in touch on [email protected].