‘Chauvinistic pigs’ viciously egged girls in Selly Oak

A number of girls fell foul to a series of nasty egging attacks last week

bristol road egging eggs

A rotten gang launched eggs and abuse at groups of female students around Selly Y-Oak last week.

The strange attacks occurred late at night and are believed to have only been carried out against groups of girls walking along the busy residential streets.

The culprits are believed to be two young males, possibly Birmingham students, spotted on several occasions driving around in a silver vehicle.

One egging incident occurred on Dawlish Road

Although no physical injuries were sustained, several victims have said the abuse has made them fearful of similar incidents occurring again.

Vicky Douglas, a third year Childhood Culture and Education student, is a shell of her former self.

Speaking to The Tab, she said: “Me and my housemates were walking down Dawlish road and heading towards Bristol road, when a car pulled up close to us and started pelting us with eggs.

“We were walking in a line and I think they aimed to get all of us, however they only hit me.

“The eggs hit me in the back- it was actually really hard.

“I thought it was one of the girls hitting me, but I turned around and saw that my back had been covered in egg.

“We didn’t get a chance to see who did, but we heard boys laughing as they sped off.”

Vicky added: “It was just a shock, and I felt pretty annoyed that someone had just covered me in egg.

“I can understand that many people would feel frightened and intimidated by this kind of behaviour, and I would like to find out who did it.”

Not the nicest thing to have pelted at you

Another groups of girls experienced an equally unsettling egging.

Second year French and English student Kat said: “We were called slags and had eggs thrown at us from a  car on two separate occasions.

“One hit my friend in the face, and caused her quite a bit of pain.

“We have reported to the police and we are all in complete shock.

“If anyone else experiences anything like this please report the incident to the police immediately.

“I am absolutely disgusted at what has happened.”

The Tab’s recreation of the event… (minus the car)

On hearing the news, second year English student Katie said: “It’s disgusting, clearly a group of chauvinistic pigs thinking it’s acceptable to harass and upset women for some enjoyment.

“I’d be extremely angry if it turns out these are students, but given the current ‘lad culture’ present in uni circles, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.”

The bunch of rotten eggs have not been caught yet.