Welcome to UoB Drama

If you want to get involved in and watch high quality shows, then Birmingham is the right place for you

Whether you’re seeking the centre stage or some guild star quality to sink your teeth into (literally), UoB has some fantastic upcoming shows to offer you!

This term sees a lot of dark and riveting drama to hit the Guild stage. As usual each society has something unique to offer the crowd. 3BUG’s Society hands us debuting directors Charis Jardim and Laura Hayton who aim to create the iconic ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

AUDITIONS: 29th, 30th September 7.30-10pm and 2nd October 8-10pm. Performing Week 7. Details

3BUG’s also offers ‘The 39 Steps’ that aims to use a mere cast of four to perform the action and suspense of a spy thriller!

AUDITIONS: 29th, 30th September and 2nd October. All 5-7.30pm. Performing Weeks 9-10. Details

Infinity presents the intrinsic, time-travelling play that is ‘Arcadia’. A play that questions the importance of truth, time, and the connection between those themes and the characters that belong to the varied centuries throughout the play.

AUDITIONS: 29th September 6-10pm, 1st October 5-8pm. Performing Week 8. Details

Article 19 have two whoppers for us, one comedy and one tragedy. ‘The Liar’ invites laughter at the expense of the protagonist’s stupendous lies in order to entice women.

AUDITIONS: 30th September, 1st October. All 4-7pm. Details

We also have a Shakespearian classic ‘King Lear’ that is set in the thrilling mob culture of 1959 East London.

AUDITIONS: 2nd and 3rd October. All 5-8pm. Details

GMTG gave us ‘Phantom of the Opera’ last term and now they present us with another tragic showstopper ‘West Side Story’. It’s all acting, all singing, all dancing and a must be for all musical lovers!

General Auditions: 30th September 6-10pm, 1st October 4-8pm. Dance Auditions: 2nd and 3rd October 5-8pm. Details

Watch This brings us an original play written and directed by Ludo Cinelli; ‘The King of Monte Cristo’ gives us metatheatre and all the action from the rehearsal room that you would expect.







AUDITIONS: 1st and 2nd October. All 5-8pm. Performing Week 7. Details

Also the hotly anticipated 48 hour of first term which is none other than ‘Jurassic Park’! We can expect it to be as jam-packed full of hilarity as the other previous 48 hour successes of last year.

AUDITIONS: 13th and 14th October. All 5-9pm. Details

All Audition’s will be advertised around the Guild on the day if you wish to audition and a link has been provided to each Facebook event. Guild drama standards are incredibly high, which makes the experience of participating in and seeing each show an excellent opportunity. Not intending to brag, but with UoB being top University for Drama studies in the country you can’t go wrong with AmDram here!