Sports Fair Preview: The Alternative Sports

If you’re looking to try your hand at something new, then check out these sports tomorrow

Whereas part 1 of the Sports Fair Preview looked at the more popular sports at UoB, part 2 looks at some alternative sports for you to cast your eyes over.

If the sports mentioned in part 1 were a bit too ‘normal’ and mainstream for your liking, then this covers your every sporting need, providing a look at some less popular, but equally exciting sports that have come to UoB from distant shores.

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American Football:

Club captain – Mason Baptiste 

This is a sport that creates extreme passion and emotions across the Atlantic and even gets us Brits excited when the Superbowl comes around.

But at UoB you can experience the excitement live with Birmingham’s own lions.

They are the most successful American Football side in the UK, winning no less than 5 national championships over recent years.

Amongst the team you will find players ranging from GB internationals, to players who had never previously played the game before.

This sport is perfect for the Fresher looking for new sport and a new challenge.

The Club also provides Birmingham with xpLosION- the university’s largest sporting event- which boasts TV cameras, cheerleaders, fireworks and over 3,000 spectators. 

The Lions are also rolling out a Womens programme for the first time this season, so make sure to check them out at the Sports Fair.

Xplosion 2012 report team and firework 510x300

Aussie Rules:

Club captain – Luke Murchie

Aussie Rules is yet another sport that UoB can be proud of and is one of only  a few University Aussie Rules teams in the UK.

They maintain a fierce rivalry with UoB Gaelic Football, which culminates in an end of season grudge match where both teams compete for the bragging rights and the title of International Rules champion.

They currently have three players representing England/ Great Britain and one player representing Europe.

So if you are looking for a different sport you’d not encountered before, Aussie Rules might just be for you.

University of Birmingham Aussie Rules V Gaelic Football International Rules match 5 June 2013



Club captain – Peter Cail

If you are someone who loves a physical challenge, then Lacrosse is ideal for you.

This fast-paced, frenetic physical sport gives no rest to the wicked- it’s relentless.

The game was developed in Europe by French-Canadian settlers and provides something completely different to that of a more staple sport.

Don’t let the physicality put you off, many Lacrosse players had never even picked up a Lacrosse stick before arriving at UoB, and now the Mens and Womens sides can boast impressive results in BUCS competition, with the Womens side coming away from the 2013-14 season as BUCS champions.

Get down to sports fair and get involved in a sport unfamiliar to most.

Gaelic Football:

Club captain – Clara Linnane

UoB Gaelic Football has risen to success from fairly humble beginnings after only establishing itself as a club in 2009, both the mens and womens sides in the 2013-14 season went on to win their respective third division titles and became crowned All-Britain Champions.

Gaelic football is the number one spectator sport in Ireland and is the second fastest field sport in the world and it blends skills from football, basketball and European handball with the physicality of rugby.

Gaelic football champ winners


Club captain – Rob Wright

Now I know what you’re thinking, what on earth is Korfball.

Well it’s a mixed-gender ball sport with similarities to Netball and Basketball… basically the best way to find out what it’s really like is to get along to one of their sessions but it’s definitely a club that is on the rise after claiming the 2013-14 BUCS National Championships.

Don’t just take my word for it guys, go along to the Sports Fair and find out a bit more about the club.

You never know, you may find out Korfball is the sport you have been waiting for.

Korfball 2nd team 2012 510x300