Cloudy with a chance of freshers

As Freshers week 2014 descends, keep up to date with the local weather

Fresher’s Welcome Week is looking fine and dry with some light cloud.

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As Fresher’s Welcome Week is now upon us and your parents have said their farewells the weather will treat you kindly as you trudge to your inductions with a killer hangover.

Freshers Fair: Monday and Tuesday

The forecast is set to be light cloud with sunny intervals with average temperatures hovering around 16°C- perfect for walking around Freshers Fair and getting to know your way around Campus.

Societies Fair: Thursday

The weather is encouraging you to leave your bed and get involved with the Societies Fair at the Guild on Thursday with temperature highs of 17°C!

Freshers Ball: Friday

There’s no need to fret about getting your perfectly curled hair frizzy, or rain stains on your suit on Friday night at the Fresher’s Ball.

The weather will remain dry throughout the day and continue into the night, with temperatures remaining mild between 11 and 12°C.

The Weekend-last blowout:

Cloudy at times with scattered thundery showers Saturday but some warm sunny spells developing, fine on Sunday but cool first thing with some patchy fog.