The finalists are waiting to put their stamp on history, but who will you post your vote for?

It’s time to decide who deserves to take up UoB’s most prestigious mantle.

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The Library Hermit

He’s the main man that nobody actually knows. This year’s Campus sensation romped home with 80% of the vote.

The Boy who became a Hermit has certainly been taken aback by his rapid rise to fame, but had this crucial message he wanted to deliver to his fans:

“It’s been a rocky road making it to stardom, and now I’m on the edge of BNOC glory it’s hard to know what means more to me, winning BNOC or passing my degree and pocketing £30,000. I guess only time will tell. One thing I can promise though is that if you vote for me as BNOC 2014, I will be revealing all about myself in The Tab Trophy Awards!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 10.07.09

Isfandyar ‘Fandini’ Chaudhry

The winner of group 4 with 38% of the vote, The Fandini really is UoB’s magical talisman.

On hearing that he had booked his place into the final, Fandi had this to say:

“I’d like to say I’m surprised… but frankly I’m not. Just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, this BNOC stuff comes naturally to me. I was always meant to be a BNOC and with the finish line in sight I want to thank my loyal fan base for bringing me so far. If I win BNOC 2014 I will step my game up massively, you think the Hermit’s stint in the Library was impressive? Vote for me and I will literally never leave Campus!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 10.06.37

 Greg ‘Your Friendly Neighbourhood’ Davies

Selly’s own resident DJ brought the house down in group 3, shuffling his way into the final with 55% of the vote.

Triumphant in the face of impending victory, Greg had this to say, whilst completing his daily six-minute sunbed:

“I guess this just shows how far a bit of PR work and my social endeavours can get you. People have come to see me as the Farage of Selly I think… a man ‘for’ the people, but definitely not ‘of’ the people. If you vote for me this year, we’ll all be sinking pints next week, as I will be hosting a street party on my road in celebration- I will literally bring Seedys to Selly!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 10.06.55

Shanaka Rupasinghe

It seems Ed’s entrepreneurial skills and scientific ingenuity were always going to bring him this far, as he engineered his way to 34% of the vote.

Trying to get his head around the science behind it all, Ed wanted his fans to know just how much this trophy means to him:

“Ever since I reached the final, I’ve been contemplating what it is that has made me just so irresistible. After days of soul-searching I think I’ve just come to the conclusion that it’s biological, a natural gift that attracts people towards me. If I’m made BNOC 2014, I’m going to put myself on the donor list, I think it’s important they finally crack the code to my winning formula.”

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Regardless of who wins, this years A-listers have certainly lived up to expectations.

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As for your Heat 4 results…

Good luck to the finalists and thank you all for voting! The results will be announced later this week