Party till we bring the house down

A Birmingham student bash brings down the house as floor collapses into basement.

Students at a BCU birthday bash had quite a shock last Saturday, when a lively house party literally brought the house down.

The large gathering was taking place to celebrate the birthdays of 3 students.

But just as the party had got going, things took a turn for the worse at 1:22am, when the party goers felt a ‘wobble’ before the floor collapsed down one side of the room, causing over 40 students to plummet into the basement.

The party went seriously downhill…

Resident house DJ and BCU student Qadar Adde, was there first hand to witness the ensuing panic.

Speaking to The Tab about the incident, he said: “There were around 40 people in the room at the time, and they immediately slid towards the deepest part of the room, along with the DJ equipment.

“We managed to rescue everyone out the room through two doors, though some people decided to turn into spiderman and saved themselves by climbing on top of others.

“Luckily enough no one was hurt and majority of the crowd were outside the room or hadn’t arrived yet.”

Some bottled it and clambered over others in order to escape…

Adde, a DJ and business studies student, who lost all his DJ equipment in the shocking incident, went on to mention that the fire brigade believed it was due to damp which had saturated the floor beneath.

Despite the level of damage done to the house, none of the students were seriously injured.

However according to the Fire services at the scene, the incident could have been far more serious.

According to Adde, a member of the Fire service said that the state of the damp was so rife throughout the house, that the entire top floor could have also come down.

The state of damp in student housing is wrong on so many levels…

Given the level of damp and structural instability of the house, the consensus amongst the authorities on the scene was that the students were extremely lucky to escape unharmed.

A spokesperson for the West Midlands Ambulance services said: “It’s amazing that none of them had suffered any injuries, in what had the potential to be a very different situation.

The authorities arrived at the scene shortly after…

Reflecting on what could have been a potentially life-threatening situation, Adde added: “We were all really lucky. A huge piece of concrete fell off the wall and that could have seriously hurt someone.

“Luckily we got away with cuts and bruises. The most important thing is no-one was hurt.”

Indeed my homies, this story delivers an important message, before hosting a hefty hootenanny remember to check the infrastructure of your house. After all, you don’t want it to end a damp squib!