And we can’t stop… being sluts: Miley dubs Brum sluttiest city

Pop sensation and feminist icon heralds Birmingham’s sluttiness during weekend show

Whilst riding a giant phallus-shaped hotdog, Miley Cyrus named Birmingham the sluttiest city in the world

The 21-year-old twerking sensation appeared at the NIA in Birmingham as part of her X-rated Bangerz tour last Friday.

After asking the audience, which was filled with mainly young girls, to flash her, she told them “Birmingham is officially the sluttiest city in the world” before carrying on with her performance.

Her frank admission received a mixed reaction from the public, with fans taking to social networking site Twitter.

Miley loves Brum's Bangers

Miley loves Brum’s Bangers

Despite being branded with a tag that many would find offensive, it appears that many Miley fans were delighted by the comment.

One concert-goer, @LovaticJJensen wrote: “OMG @mileycyrus was AMAZING!! She said Birmingham was the most sluttiest city! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!”

Another, @JordanCleary wrote: @MileyCyrus said Birmingham are the sluttiest out of the UK! I’m proud to be from Birmingham for once!!!”

Well if you can’t be proud of being promiscuous, what can you be proud of?

Move out the way City of Culture Awards...

Move out the way City of Culture Awards…

Other fans, were not so ecstatic however.

@chezwick wrote: “@MileyCyrus you have the cheek to say Birmingham the sluttiest place in the UK?? Have you seen yourself???”

@GeorgieHolliesXx added: “Dunno whether to feel chuffed or embarrassed that Miley Cyrus said Birmingham is the sluttiest place in the UK”

The ex-Disney post girl turned wild child took to the site hours before the gig to say she was “a lil homesick”.

Miley calling fans sluts, whilst riding a giant phallus-shaped object.

As part of her World tour, Miley left the West Midlands on Saturday and is jetting to Belfast for her next gig.

Since the tour began on Valentines Day, it has received widespread criticism with some leabelling it as “soft porn”.

The singer from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, has been seen in extremely skimpy outfits provocatively parading around on an inflatable hot-dog.

Skimpy is putting it lightly

Skimpy is putting it lightly

During her first London gig on May 6, she asked members of the audience to kiss each other as she donned a series of racy outfits.

The popular star has reached the top of the charts twice in the UK last year with her hits “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”.

Bangerz will come to an end in Chicago on August 14.

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