It’s all gone to pot for the Kings of Norton

Marijuana mugs have been banged up after posting incriminating photos on social media sites

More ganja-related activity has hit the local area this week, as four local drug dealers are jailed following a police investigation.

Following last week’s discovery of a mammoth cannabis factory in Selly, it has emerged that four local drug dealers have been jailed, after police discovered photos of them posing with wads of cash and heaps of hash.

Eugene May-Dyer, Russell Turner, Ian Cunningham and Grant Barnhurst were arrested after police conducted a series of raids in Kings Norton in February last year, after the group were identified from the photos in question.

They’ve really made a hash of this..

During the raid police seized over £1000 worth of weed, as well as phones containing a whopping 60,000 texts between the group concerning the acquisition and distribution of marijuana.

One photo found on 24-year old May-Dyer’s phone, showed him posing with thousands of pounds of cash, whilst another showed the group kneeling over their illegal crop.

The cannabis crew from Kings Norton were also captured on CCTV footage ‘chilling out’ in their shed, where the plants were dried.

I’m gonna smoke some hash, I’ve got 20 grand in my pocket..

The ganja goons in question have received sentences ranging from 9 to 12 months, for conspiracy to supply class B drugs.  (Perhaps they should have been sentenced for committing class A fuckwittery also.)

The sentencing comes a week after the discovery of a huge drugs operation in Selly Oak, in what is becoming a large scale police clamp down in the area.


The debacle has gained the bemusement of several student commentators, who were humoured by the investigation.

One said: “What a bunch of morons, posing for a selfie that could land you in jail just proves that this selfie craze is getting ridiculous!”

Another student added: “I’m sure those selfie-taking skills will come in handy in prison.”

Won’t be needing any of that where he’s going


Following the sentencing, detective chief inspector Andy Bannister, head of West Midlands Police’s Gang Taskforce, said: “These are young men who’d formed a fledgling gang that was on the up.

“We managed to intercept them at an early stage before their criminality could escalate and potentially cause more damage in the Kings Norton community.

“Now four young men who cockily posed for photos boasting of their drug dealing are now paying the price.”


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