Grad Ball-ache

Guild moves Gradball ticket sales online to prevent a repeat of 2013 catastro-fuck.

In a surprise move containing what can only be described as an uncharacteristic amount of common sense, the Guild have moved ticket sales for ‘Gradball 2014’ online.

The shock decision comes following last year’s fall out, where bumbling organisation led to students enduring queues lasting up to 5 hours, with many left dejected and ticketless.

This prompted a flurry of criticism, where students called for an improvement in organisation and ticket sales to be managed online.

The queue in question 

Other controversies also marred ticket sales, as final year students failed to receive priority over guests from outside the university, or UoB students not in their final year.

Fuck the system 

Indeed, the kerfuffle of last year has prompted some to boycott the event all together.

One student said: “I’d rather drink my own piss than spend hours attempting to pay a small fortune for a mediocre dinner and a tarted up Fab.”

However, others were more flattering in their descriptions.

Another happy student argued: “Last year there was Oreo cheesecake for dessert. I would pay for the dinner for that cheesecake alone… I fucking love Oreos.”

67 quid for a cheesecake takes the biscuit… 

With ticket sales commencing during the hectic exam season (at noon this coming Saturday) one can only hope that all goes to plan and the main talking point is the excitement for what should be a jovial affair to say the least.

However, there remains an air of concern amongst the UoB populous that the flood of users on the Guild website will lead to the system crashing and consequently students being on the receiving end of yet another Gradball omnishambles.

They’re having a ball!

Neither does the new system address the complaints voiced by previous students about priority third-year tickets over non-UoB students.

If things do go wrong this weekend, it may be yet another year of discontented finalists.