Selly Smoke: Huge cannabis factory discovered on Umberslade Road

Police find huge weed farm worth thousands of pounds covering the top floor of Selly house

Drug dealers were running a large-scale cannabis factory in a Selly house, with a stash worth tens of thousands pounds, police say.

The illegal farm was discovered yesterday, after residents of Umberslade Road reported concerns to the West Midlands Police.

The police raid on the property found the entire upstairs had been modified to accommodate over 400 Cannabis plants.

Tab experts estimate each plant to be worth £200 – assuming discount for bulk buying – valuing the stash at a minimum of £80,000.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: “After a report of a suspicious activity and a strong smell from a property in Umberslade Road, Selly Oak Police uncovered a cannabis factory around 3.30pm yesterday.

“The electricity had been bypassed and approximately 400 plants with a full hydroponics set up were found throughout the top floor of the address.”

The farm was large scale, with a crop of over 400 plants

Despite the size of the operation, it appears the factory was unbeknown to those in the community, who said they walked passed the property regularly without incident or suspicion.

Selly Oak Police announced the discovery on Twitter, following local intel.

One bemused student said: “I’m surprised that it could be so big without more people noticing.”

When approached for comment, a group of first year students appeared unconcerned. One said: “Cannabis should be legalised anyway, we all know the effects of alcohol can be worse so we’re really not too bothered.” Another student added: “That sounds about right, Selly Oak always smells of weed.”

Police are in the process of clearing the property

Forensic experts are currently examining the scene along with the Cannabis Disposal Team who have started removing the plants, which are soon to be destroyed.

In a statement Selly Oak Police confirmed that no arrests have been made at this stage, but that the discovery was under continued investigation.