UoB submits: Staff granted Living Wage

After the combined pressure of union strikes and student protest, the University now promises to pay staff the Living Wage.

The decision was announced on the 5th March, following the series of strikes and protests which have plagued this academic year, bringing large scale disruption to many students’ studies. 

University staff were informed of the decision via an email circulated by Adam Tickell, who is both Provost and Vice Principal at UoB.

The Vice Principal also made the decision public knowledge via Twitter at 7.38am on Wednesday morning.

Awww, thanks Adam!

Prior to the announcement, the University had encountered extreme criticism from unions including Unite and Unison, and more controversially, from the Defend Education student protest group.

This criticism stemmed from the University’s former stance on Staff pay, which in real terms would have meant a 13% cut in Staff pay.

Meanwhile the University’s Vice Chancellor David Eastwood, was rewarded with a £22,000 pay rise last year, which saw his annual salary amount to over a staggering £400,000.

The campaigners and staff were also equally unhappy at the increased use of ‘zero hour contracts’ which were used to employ many fringe staff.

Halloween strike

Remember having all day to get ready for Halloween?

The strikes increased in frequency, continuing into the new year

The most significant development in the strike campaign came recently, when lecturers threatened a refusal to mark summer exam papers, which could have prevented many students from graduating this academic year.

The University and College Union (UCU), which accounts for two-thirds of all lecturers, set the University a deadline for the 28th April to implement the increased staff wage agreement.

Firsts all round instead then?

Following the University’s decision, Staff can now expect a minimum of £7.65 per hour, which is the agreed living wage outside of London. The change will be implemented on 1st August 2014.

The Vice Principal said: “Both sides are committed to early and constructive discussions to reach agreement on the settlement for 2014 provisionally commencing on 10 March 2014’

The Guild have yet to comment on the announcement, with the current Guild elections remaining the primary concern.