“Yeah, the fees shouldn’t be that much” Drinks 2 Go Man on this term’s biggest stories

We asked our favourite Selly Celeb about this term’s biggest stories

As we enter Drinks 2 Go, we are immediately greeted by bangin’ beats and the familiar dazzling smile. Chris is currently jamming with a group of flat-capped teens, who he formally introduces to us as ‘the lads from Seedys’.

We asked him what he made of this term’s biggest stories and scandals.

We mean business.

So, Chris, let’s get straight to it. What did you make of the Guild banning Somrebreros?


[We move on quickly, he didn’t seem to know much on this one.] Did you hear that Spencer has been seen around Selly?

Yeah, he was around. He didn’t come in here, but there was the event. And Spencer was there on the Monday Madness. I didn’t go. But my boys went – Seedy Sonics. My boys, they went there. We sell tickets for it!

Have you heard about the occupation on campus?

About the fees? I heard about one of – I heard about it from the security. [What a BNOC]. He told me last night, but I didn’t hear it from the students. Yeah, the fees shouldn’t be that much. Because obviously it’s affecting everybody. It’s even affecting the businesses around the Selly Oak. But this year has been different to the year before…

Our curiosity piqued, we asked: How so, Chris?

It’s- there’s not many as students going out. (Chris stops, looking concerned.) The busiest night we have is the Fab. Yeah, it’s only Fab. Fab is cheap- walk there, walk back.

Just call us Santa’s little helpers…Fab ticket, anyone?

Do you think Selly Oak is a safe place to walk at night?

Selly Oak is a students area. We try to keep it safe as much as we can. This part of Selly Oak is very safe. As much as we know, nothing ever happens this way. If anything happens, it happens up. Near Urban Village. Because Urban Village is a mixture. Of local and the student. But if you go in here, 99% of my customers are student. And I keep it clean. (We’re not quite sure what he means by this, and so we move on.)

Stay on the safe side of Selly; we’ve got lollies

Have you heard that the Guild have recently banned the song ‘Blurred Lines’? Would you play it here?

(Giggles suspiciously, before pausing a moment). If a student want- whatever a student want me to do it, I will do it. (Continues to giggle) I’ll always do what the student want me to do. Because the student are my backbone. Yeah, I am here for them. Depends to the majority, we have to go with the majority. (At this point, the beats are turned up, drowning poor Chris out) You see what’s happening- on Friday, we have the Seedy Sonics event in the Rainbow. Here they practise.

Do you ever go to it?

(He beams enthusiastically)Yeah, I go! I give free drinks to students.

In case you didn’t know, he also gives free lollies…

Do you have one message to give to students?

Just tell them I love them all.

Any life advice – any regrets?

Me? All I can say, God give us one-way ticket. And we have to enjoy it to the top. I am fifty one years of age. I still enjoy it. Yeah I love the student! Living with the student keeps me young.

We’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have