Vintage Fair @ Custard Factory

We went to the vintage fair. It was way better than last time.

If you happened to have attended the Vintage Kilo Fair at the beginning of term you might have been mildly disappointed. However, this time LouLou’s Vintage Fair has been doing the rounds, deemed and voted the winner of ‘Best Vintage Fair in the UK’  and they did not disappoint. Although it was pricey there were some fabulous pieces on offer.

With over 40 vintage stalls for men and women alongside some handmade and homeware stalls too. Ranging from the 1940’s-1990’s, there was a wide range on offer.

Entry was 1 pound, but in all fairness it was worth it even for a quick browse.

VINTAGE SALON: if you fancied channeling that true vintage look, there were people on guard to spray and pin and make you into that 1920’s pin-up star you were born to be…


With piles upon piles of faux and real fur you’ll not be worrying about those winter shivers anymore, leopard coats galore!

IMG_7011 And if you’re worried your best mates got the same scrunchy as you from Urban Outfitters, fear not.

There were many fun colors and textures to choose from…



And cute business cards! Check out Cat and Shark clothing @


And we met some colorful characters too. Jumpsuit: 35 pounds, belt: models own.


These two dashing gents were sporting their own zany attire.

When asked about how he managed to attain such a vibrant orange/blue combo to his lid he replied simply: lots and lots of bleach.

Either way we think it looks grand, especially with his tortoiseshell spectacles and colorful garms.


Unfortunately though the prices were steep we were eventually drawn into the great variety of stock.

Ski jacket: 45 pounds from


Most sets ranging between 7-15 pounds.


Lots of options for all those Christmas parties you’ll be attending :p


A photo of the quirky event coordinator, based in Leeds the community of Vintage clothing retailers trail up and down the country selling off their retro-wear.


Tartan skirts ranging between 10-15 pounds.  IMG_7042 IMG_7076

Gina looking pretty as a picture in her new crown. This retro tiara really caught our eye, but where oh where would we wear it?

If you can’t wait for LouLou’s return, try this…


Or if you’re interested in this sort of thing check out the Custard Factory website to see what’s on!

Or follow the Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair blog for some fun ideas on how to dress up and get creative!

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