Last Thursday was kind of an Enigma…

The Tab reports from Enigma’s expedition to Leicester and Nottingham – we got lost, saw a toilet get smashed up and met a guy called ‘Jizz Monkey’

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, but in the case of Enigma it began with a single pint in our house.

For this pre drinks before our night of discovery we were well equipped – much alcohol, the beer bong, Xbox and of course our shirts with lots of pens to decorate them.

While decorating our shirts with Robin Thicke lyrics and sombrero puns, my mates and I agreed Enigma would be the only time in our uni lives we would experience a completely different club scene – and it would be a bonus if we could remember it.

If you looked like this by the end, you’d have done well!

For those of you who have never heard of Enigma, half the fun is the coach journey there. Drunken students drinking cheap booze on a long journey to a random destination with one toilet on board – what could possibly go wrong?

After a few minutes down the motorway the drinking games ensued. A simple game of “Never Have I Ever” started off innocently enough before the bombshell of “Never have I drank someone else’s jizz in a pint”. This resulted in us finding out far too much about the gentleman below.

Talking to him, I found out he had to do it as part of an initiation into the university’s ‘Skydiving Committee’. He had previously told them that he would do anything to get on to it and they wanted to test this.

It seemed fitting he displayed this on his shirt all night like a badge of honour.

The passion fruit pass back game resulted in some very sour mouths- stick to oranges next time!

We arrived at Leicester after some time and really found the bars cheap and very entertaining. I hadn’t heard Busted in years yet blaring out of the speakers came “Year 3000” mixed with some Jason Derulo.

This kind of classic pop mixed with some older stuff gave the dancefloor with a decent vibe but there was a good dose of very drunken dancing from students that it’s probably Leicester forget.

Back on the coach everybody was excessively drunk and it didn’t take long for the toilet to become destroyed –  a few people passed out and the rest were left crossing their legs hoping the bus would hurry up down the motorway to our next destination.

Arriving in Nottingham (after the mad dash to the toilet!) Rock City awaited. It felt like a cross between Propaganda (music) and Gatecrasher (dance floor)… Propcrasher.

Now everyone was not only drunk but also throwing out those terrible dance moves your parents do when they’ve had too much mulled wine at Christmas. The smoke and crowded floor created an incredible atmosphere well worthy of a random night out. The real shame, however, was only staying an hour. Since the bus got lost, that’s all we had there.

Now I could tell you Enigma was a journey of self-discovery, learning about other people and insane dance moves but I’d be lying. Enigma is a night where you will drink far too much, learn about other people DOING far too much and experience a new club scene. Despite the chundering and broken toilets it will be one of the best nights out you will have at uni.

So next time you see those Question Mark leaflets being handed round campus – don’t question it, just do it. You won’t regret it.