Best places to date around campus

Forget going into town for a date – why not stay around campus?


Get a double shot of love with a morning coffee…

Pros: It will definitely perk you up…

Cons: Coffee breath.

Date rate: 9/10

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 22.06.28

Or not...

Or not…


Teach her how to play pool and show her all the right balls to hit.

Pros: With so much unecessary closeness, it’s pretty much an excuse to feel each-other up

Cons: There’s a chance you might strike out, with the game AND the girl!

Date rate: 7/10

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Old Joe

Cuddle up under Old Joe

Pros: She’ll think it’s totes romantic

Cons: If you’re there when the clock strikes, you will both definitely fail your degrees.

Date rate: 8/10

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Take a trip to the library and become study buddies.

Pros: The quiet zones can be very cosy…

Cons: Your grades will definitely suffer.

Date rate: 5/10

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Bramall Music Building

Serenade her with a piano…

Pros: You’ll look really cultured and stuff

Cons: If you only know ‘chopsticks’ – avoid.

Date rate: 6/10

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The Goose

Take her to The Goose when there’s a big game on… girls just love that sort of thing.

Pros: You can totally pretend to splash the cash by treating her to two meals for £6

Cons: When you try and whisper sweet nothings into each-others ears, the locals may be prying nearby.

Date rate:5/10

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Selly Sausage

If they’ve spent the night be sure to do the right thing and treat them to a nice breakfast, because a girl can never have enough sausage in her life (or can she…?)

Pros: You can nurse a hangover from FAB and romance at the same time (SMOOTH)

Cons: Probably has a 2/10 for romantic ambience.

Date rate: 6/10

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 22.10.37

Rooster House

If all else fails, what could possibly go wrong with a lunch time Roosters? If she’s unable to resist the man behind the counter, at least you can cry into your chicken.

Pros: With its florescent lighting and lack of seats, everything about Roosters is one big pro point

Cons: She may be a vegetarian

Date rate: 10/10

A number 3 will keep you warm at night

A number 3 will keep you warm at night

There’s plenty of potential for romance on campus! You just need to use your imagination…


Photography: Charlotte Wilson

Models: Ian Dudley & Emily Hickey-Mason