BPOCs: Big Pets On Campus

We went out in search of Brum student’s cutest critters!

This week we’ve been searching for some of the cutest critters on campus. From the small and fluffy, to something rather slimy, we found ’em.

One advantage of moving out of halls and into a house is the possibility of purchasing your very own uni pet! One problem that pet-owners might have come across in university accommodation is space, of course a giant cage can take up quite a lot of room.

Here are some we’ve found so far…

Meet…Kim Jong Un

Kimmy is pocket-sized fun.

And a bit of a poser…

Any reason behind the name?

Because he’s a naughty little dictator- he’s definitely aiming for world domination, but he can’t even keep hold of Korea (pussy).

How old is Kim?

He’s 7 months old (surprised he’s still alive to be fair).

Any specific dietary requirements?

His fave foods are grapes and roosters chips.

Meet…Cray Cray

If you’re housemates object to having a pet based on allergies or a general aversion to fur, there are other options…

She’s currently preggers so can’t be held as she’s carrying a lot of eggs, she’s fragile but still care free (see how she’s waving at the camera).

She only requires a small tank – it can fit in right between your bottle of Brasserie beer and your pot of Aldi pringles. Howeve, do be wary of watching this year’s Masterchef as crayfish have been a favoured ingredient.

What made you think you needed a crayfish?

I felt I needed someone with more depth and intellectual conversation than my housemates. We went to the fish shop and it was a bit of an impulse buy, looks like a baby lobster.

Do you think your happiness had improved since she entered the family?

Yeh she’s jokes. She just chills while I do work, never felt lonely since she’s entered my life.

Does she do any tricks?

Nah no tricks, she’s pregnant.


And next up is Hugo! He’s awfully small and goes against the stereotype of being slow. In fact, Hugo is quite the chipper little chap. He enjoys doing laps around his tank and has been known to escape his owner’s clutches once or twice, so watch out for this little critter!

Do you feel as though he’s helped in your studies at university?

He has helped me study and I find him therapeutic.

Any fun facts about Hugo? 

He’s immensely tough after his two massive falls! (during Hugo’s shoot he made a suicidal jump off the desk and got stuck behind the tank).

Meet…Sprinkles and Manuel 

If you’re more interested in the exotic variety, perhaps Chinchillas are the pets for you. Have a gander on gumtree and you might find a banging deal.

Any fun facts?

They shit everywhere.


And last, but certainly not least, is Quella. Bringing a cat to uni could pose a few problems; you’re always at risk of it getting run over or being stolen by other students with pet envy, especially one this pretty…

Looking quite confused above, Quella doesn’t lower herself to menial games that involve a feather on a stick. She is much more dignified than that.

If you’ve run out of dishwasher tablets she can help you out!

Is she easy to take care of at uni?

Yes, she just has to be fed and her litter needs to be changed a few times a week.

What’s her favourite dinner time snack?

She loves chicken, and in the mornings I let her drink the leftover milk from my cereal.

Do you feel happier when she’s around?

Yes, she runs to the door to say hello when you come in and is very loving.

How long have you had her for?

I got her at the beginning of summer and she could fit in my hand.

Does she do any party tricks?

No not really.

All in all the general consensus seems to be that having a pet at university can be a positive thing. If you’re running low on funds and can’t afford a £100 tank perhaps you’re better off going down the route of feeding and rearing one of the many Selly Oak tabby cats. Either way, having that furry special someone could be the missing piece in your uni experience.