Free Fab for Sabbs

Guild President Poppy Wilkinson pushed through Guild policy ensuring that FAB remains free for sabb officers.

At Guild council on Thursday, 63 councillors attempted to keep their eyes open. It was also confirmed that Sabb officers will be allowed to continue gaining free guest-list entry to Fab, including a plus one.

With the votes tied at 49% (with 2% abstaining), the casting vote automatically passed to the Guild President, Poppy, who decided the feature should remain policy.

Poppy argued that Guild Officers needed the free tickets

With tickets for Fab regularly selling for silly prices on Facebook (including 16 cartons of orange juice), it was suggested Poppy had an unfair bias, but the precedent was set, and Guild procedure had to be followed.

Chairs aren’t even comfy enough to snooze in the chamber

An argument was raised from the floor that previous sabbatical teams have been criticised for entering their private offices whilst drunk at Fab, and at least three of the team from two years ago were caught having sex.

Poppy argued that the current policy, which is not written, helps to encourage visibility for the officer team. She also stated that the team put in a lot of work into organising ticketed events for the Guild of Students.

The tax-free salary for the sabb team stands at close to £20,000, which is more than a newly qualified teacher. With tickets sometimes selling up to extortionate prices each each Saturday, some Guild councillors were left disillusioned with Poppy’s decision.

Fab tickets are notoriously difficult to secure

She explained that aside from Fab, the officer team have to attend many other ticketed events held at the Guild, and therefore shouldn’t have to pay.

Try telling that to the guy crying whilst he does an Al Pacino impression or a tap dance for a sadistic bastard with one spare ticket.

She also stated that she was open to an amendment that specifically called for free Fab tickets to be outlawed, but the problems that could arise from the 7 officers not being able to attend Guild events meant that Fab must remain free for sabbs for now.

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