Shake yer bucket in Bristol with Carnival Rag

Head to Bristol to party with Carnival Rag this weekend

Fancy a spontaneous get away to Bristol this weekend, all in the name of charity? Carnival Rag are selling tickets for their Bucket Rag Raid tomorrow.

Spend a few hours shaking a bucket, all in aid of Meningitis NOW, and then enjoy the nightlife Brizzle has to offer.

Rag nights out never disappoint

Rag nights don’t disappoint

Event organiser Jenny Robinson told The Tab “We’re supporting Meningitis NOW who are a fantastic charity and extremely relevant to students as we are one of the most susceptible groups to Meningitis. Meningitis can be deadly and it can present itself as just a hangover, so it’s extremely important that we help the charity raise awareness to prevent it.”

Carnival Rag's Jenny Robinson

Carnival Cutie: Rag’s Jenny Robinson

“Bristol is an amazing city, there’s so much for you to do- seeing as you only spend half the day bucket shaking, you have the rest to do as you wish! We’re coming back around 2am in the morning on Sunday so there’s time for a night out!”

Tickets are only £7, including travel there and back, and you can bag them here.