We broke up because…

We asked you why your romances just didn’t work out.

Ah, we’ve arrived at that time of year where it seems people are dividing off into couples like Noah’s Ark is about to arrive.

However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies and couples holding hands under Old Joe with autumn flickering romantically over campus. See, that scenario isn’t quite convincing us. We’ve decided to prove ourselves right and remind all you singletons out there that you are not alone (big up M.J)… even though it seems the rest of your house are constantly, er, testing the bounciness of beds.

We asked you for your break-up stories:

‘I broke up with her because I loved her too much, it scared me.’ (Now back together)

Awww who doesn’t love a bit of a paradox…


‘We broke up because we kept making each other jealous on nights out.’ 

Fantastic example of what is conducive to a happy relationship. Not.

“We broke up because he cheated on me for two months of our relationship and then had the cheek to blame me saying that our relationship was getting too serious.”


“We broke up because he told me that he can’t commit to anything right now because he’s moving back in with his parents.”

S’alright, that’s a turn off anyway.

On par with ‘the dog ate my homework’

“I broke up with someone because I wanted to go and have fun at uni. Three weeks later, I was back into another serious relationship.”


“He broke up with me on our anniversary by text, by telling me he’d reached 40 people. I was his 32nd.”

Man-slag. Slap time.

“He ended our relationship of a year by text, and he didn’t even have the balls to say he wanted to break up. I had to ask him if that’s what he wanted to do.”

Norman how could you!

“We broke up because he said he wanted to focus on uni and couldn’t be emotionally involved any more.” 

Poor, poor excuse.

“You wot??”

“We broke up because of the distance when I did a year abroad.”

Carrier pigeon is no longer the most reliable form of communication these days. This couple decided not to bother.

“Instead of breaking up with me, my boyfriend just stopped talking to me and started seeing someone else whilst I was away on holiday.”

Carrier pigeon clearly didn’t work for this guy either…

Never fear, drinks2go man will comfort you!