Get your kit off!

There’s just too much sports kit seen roaming around areas of non-sporting activity. Do you have no other clothes?!

I understand that people take a certain pride in representing their UoB sports team and  thus strut around campus on Wednesdays, boldly displaying their blue, red and yellow armour. However, I cannot come to terms with seeing these sporty specimens dressed head to toe in kit, day in and day out. Do you have no other clothes?

You’ve just sat through a lecture, not run a marathon

Sports kit is just not necessary when in a lecture or whilst eating lunch in the library. To those of you who I see every day in an item of sports kit, please re-evaluate your life.

You owned normal clothes before uni and you will most definitely need them again after the UoB glory days are over. You could even start practising how to put a basic outfit together now; a jeans and t-shirt combination is always a good place to start.  


Although I am impressed by your sporting abilities, there is absolutely no need to display your elite hand-eye coordination to the rest of campus during the day. If you have come from or are going to practice then that’s great, but all day everyday? That’s just unnecessary and unhygienic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, and sports kit. There definitely is something about wearing team colours that makes you feel a tad better than the rest of us. But how about this week you use that team spirit to make some new friends in high street wear?

Kit wearers roam campus together in packs…like wolves


A lot of people falling victim to this crime often say ‘Oh, but it’s so comfy!’ Have you never heard of leggings, jeans or trackies? (and no I don’t mean the UoB kind). A few others argue that after practice it is a lot of effort to change out of sports wear on campus. But the real and rather sweaty truth is, you smell. Please shower and change.

In fact, you wouldn’t smell if you wore normal clothing once in a while. Not wearing the same kit every day would give you a chance to wash it. If this is too difficult for you, and the concept of jeans is a little too much, how about trying some other sports kit? Brands such as Nike and Addidas have proven popular with the rest of the population.

The pandemic stretched to the Bull Ring with a ‘jeans-hoodie-combo’ #steptoofar

Let’s see what’s under the uniform – get your kit off!

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