Calm down Christmas

Christmas trees already, seriously?

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Whilst walking through Birmingham, you get the impression it’s that festive time of year again. However, I would disagree. It’s barely November and we’re all still recovering from Halloween. However, to my dismay, the Christmas decorations are going up and shops are whipping out their Christmas stock.


This is all making me feel rather rushed. I’m just getting over the fact that Summer is over and my crop tops will be staying in the wardrobe. And now the world’s trying to force tinsel, snowmen bath bombs and chocolate reindeer on me. I just hope I’m safe from ‘Santa Baby’ for at least another two weeks. We have been selling chocolate oranges and Celebration tubs for a good two months at work now. I know some of us like to start getting prepared fairly early but seriously, CALM DOWN people or we’ll be putting our Christmas trees up Mid-August in a few years time.


Yes, too early!

I don’t mean to be a Grinch. I love Christmas, honestly. I love eating chocolate in front of the fire, watching rubbish festive films and singing cough screaming along to Mariah Carey at the top of my voice in Walkabout. I even love ‘carols by candlelight’ services, though half the fun is trying not to giggle.


See? I can be appropriately festive

It’s just I love these things from late November onwards, not when I’m still trying to scrub the Halloween face-paint from my clothes. The Frankfurt Christmas market is always great at getting me in the festive spirit, it’s just a tad annoying when you want to be able to walk through Birmingham at more than a snail’s pace or if you want to pay less than £2.50 for three chocolate covered strawberries.

If, unlike me, you’re eagerly anticipating some christmassy events, here are some dates for your diary:

Saturday 9 November, 5:30pm: Christmas Parade. So this may be an event intended to please the kiddies but my inner child definitely likes baby reindeer. This is also when the Christmas lights get switched on so Birmingham will start to look a little bit pretty at night and I have to admit, I am rather excited for the bull to get its antlers again…

14th November: The Christmas Market arrives