What are you listening to?

The worst and best songs being listened to on campus.

Out of curiosity more than anything else, I have been asking unsuspecting students what songs they are listening to as they wander about campus.

In my ignorance, I didn’t really realise that a lot of people would be seriously freaked out by this. With reactions ranging from “this is really weird” and walking swiftly past me, to letting out a little scream of panic as I tapped them on the shoulder.

Nevertheless, I did come across a few people who were more than happy to reveal what they were listening to. Among the varying qualities of songs, there were a few strange responses. None stranger however, than a guy who had Beats earphones but wasn’t listening to anything, he just liked how they felt on his head…

Here are some of the worst and the best songs being listened to on campus:


Nickleback Too Bad – A serious contender for the worst band of all time. I didn’t realise people still listened to them.

Machine Head I am hell– I strongly recommend you not to listen to this song.

Imagine Dragons It’s time – Surely I can’t be the only one who detests this annoyingly popular band?

K 391 Electrode– It’s even worse than it sounds. Imagine a Basshunter and Skrillex collaboration. Eugh.

Britney Spears Womanizer – I’ve got all the time in the world for Britney, but it still worried me that The Tab’s very own Will Copping was listening to this.

Oh dear…


Queens of the Stone Age Palopsia – If anyone is going to see QOTSA at the NIA I am incredibly jealous!

Radiohead Creep – Thom Yorke is God.

Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools– He’s just great!

Jamiroquai Seven Days In Sunny June – Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t like this song?

The Kinks Living on a thin line – They’re amazing, and they’re in talks about reforming!

Pink Floyd Breathe – Maybe the best band of all time?

He’s listening to Pink Floyd, he must be cool. Right?

Shout out to the people who didn’t know what songs they were listening to, to the fair few amount of people around campus that I frightened and to the guy who said the song he was listening to was Panic At The Disco but wasn’t sure who it was by.

Photos by Charlotte Wilson