Crappy Halloween

Halloween: a time of year to dress in an often irrelevant and crap costume

costumes fancy dress Halloween

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin carving, trick or treating and zombie students running amok. Get ready to snog some ghouls and slurp some witches brew, because the witching hour is closing in.

A particularly strong effort from Charlotte Wilson, unlike some of the following…

You may have seen the pumpkin carving of Heisenberg on Bournbrook Road or on Spotted, a representation of a student’s dedication to Halloween and all its ghoulish flare. However, some students don’t take Halloween as seriously as these pranksters.

There’s usually three ways to go about Halloween:

1. The slutty cop out – wear an Ann Summers outfit and pour fake blood all over yourself, boys and gals alike.

2. Go all out, it only happens once a year! The more terrifying/ridiculous the better.

3. Maybe you feel too ‘cool’ to try and make an effort, perhaps you’re worried you’ll look silly. In this case, it is the perfect time to recycle those onesies boys and girls. It’s easy, it’s warm and above all it’s comfortable and it won’t cost you your soul to make.

Here are some examples of what the majority usually go with on Halloween: the irrelevant, and quite bad, fancy dress.

1. The Caped Crusader

2. The unnecessary prop mixed with a splash of fake blood

3. The doctor and a pig in a dress

4. The classic slutty policeman, lock up your daughters

5. Casual genie…

6. Medusa and a pumpkin

7. Indescribable wench, Robin, a tooth, Luigi and Jason

8. A dead seal

 9. Confused Nun


Terrifying. Happy Haunting!